Jennifer Lopez Battles Hunger Pangs on Day Four of her Carb-Free Diet, Shows Off in Sports Bra

Jennifer Lopez made a stylish appearance in Miami, flaunting her fit and toned physique. The 49-year-old star rocked a periwinkle sports bra that accentuated her curves, paired with vibrant leggings as she entered SOMI Fitness. Currently, the Second Act actress is following a strict no carbs, no sugar diet, which she plans to stick to for 10 days. Her partner, Alex Rodriguez, is also joining her on the meal plan. Despite feeling hungry, Jennifer seemed a bit moody and didn’t flash her signature smile during her outing.

Fit Jenny: Jennifer Lopez was spotted in Miami on Thursday flaunting her incredibly lean and sculpted physique, although her demeanor seemed a bit somber.

Flaunting her assets: The 49-year-old bombshell was spotted in a skimpy periwinkle sports bra that accentuated her curves, paired with vibrant multicolored leggings as she made her way into SOMI Fitness. Her hair was elegantly styled down, complemented by her iconic Jenny From The Block gold hoop earrings. Carrying a neon green Hermes Birkin purse, the Shades Of Blue actress looked effortlessly chic. A mother to twins Max and Emme from her marriage to singer Marc Anthony, she also sported a white top and crisp white sneakers.

With just one more week to go, the star from The Second Act is currently on Day Four of her ten-day no carbs, no sugar diet. She is tackling this challenge alongside her partner of two years, Alex Rodriguez.

Arriving in style in a sleek black SUV, J-Lo and A-Rod are fully committed to this tough new diet regime, cutting out sugar and most carbs from their meals. Despite her determination, the diva confessed on Wednesday that she was feeling extremely hungry during this process.

Taking to Instagram Stories while sweating it out on the treadmill during her workout, the actress shared that the diet was proving to be more difficult than she had anticipated. She admitted, “So, 24 hours into this no sugar, no carbs challenge, I am discovering the effects of sugar on my body and realizing the importance of avoiding it.”

Feeling a little cranky? It could be because the singer, who has admitted to feeling “really hungry,” didn’t seem to be in the best mood, possibly due to her diet. She didn’t even manage to muster a smile.

The observer saw her with her hair styled down, with her iconic gold hoop earrings adorning her ears. The star of Shades Of Blue also carried a vibrant neon green Hermes Birkin purse.

An Instagram-worthy grin: The singer flashed a smile for a selfie, mentioning that she was starting to feel a bit better. However, after her workout, she opened up about the challenges of cutting out sugar and carbs, confessing that she was constantly hungry. She then shared a snapshot of her snack choices which included raw vegetables, sugar-free Jello, and canned tuna.

Encouraging her fans to join her, J Lo teamed up with A-Rod in a social media post, challenging others to embark on a sugar-free journey. A-Rod also shared his struggle with the carb-free lifestyle, humorously stating that he was barely surviving on eggs and avocado.

Can I get a chocolate croissant please? The famous duo arrived in a fancy black SUV. J-Lo and A-Rod have decided to embark on a strict new diet, cutting out sugar and most carbs. On Wednesday, she confessed that she was feeling extremely hungry. But then J-Lo lightened the mood, playfully challenging her celebrity friends to join her. She jokingly said, ‘After a workout session, we feel lonely. I challenge Lea Remini, I challenge Hoda.’ Alex was the first to announce their 10-day sugar and carb-free plan in a video on Tuesday. He wrote, ‘Let’s do this challenge with Jennifer and me. No sugar, no carbs. Who’s with us?’ He then shared another post on social media, holding a huge piece of meat and declaring, ‘No carbs + no sugar = lots of meat.’ He asked his followers if they were up for joining them on this journey.

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