Jennifer Lopez, 54, shows off $110 Aim’n activewear for outdoor exercise at her luxurious $60M Beverly Hills estate

Jennifer Lopez shared a peek into her luxurious Beverly Hills mansion during a Sunday morning workout session with her massive social media following. The singer, along with her partner Ben Affleck, bought the lavish property featuring numerous bedrooms, bathrooms, and fun amenities like a spa, pickleball court, and even a boxing ring last year. Rocking a trendy outfit from the Swedish activewear brand aim’n, Jennifer showed off her toned physique while breaking a sweat with her personalized ‘JLO’ dumbbells.

Jennifer Lopez gave her 349.2M social media following a look behind the towering privacy hedges of her $60.85M Beverly Hills mansion as she demonstrated a 'lil Sunday morning' backyard workout

Jennifer Lopez provided her 349.2 million social media followers with a peek into the lush surroundings of her $60.85 million Beverly Hills estate during a casual backyard workout on a Sunday morning. The pop sensation flaunted her famous curves while doing squats with custom weights in hand.

It is reported that brands are willing to pay around $1.497 million for a single sponsored post on Lopez’s Instagram, where she is ranked as the 13th highest-paid influencer in 2024, according to Influencer Marketing Hub.

In a rare sighting, Jennifer sported her natural brunette hair pulled back into a messy bun, as opposed to her usual long extensions. The multi-talented artist stays in shape through regular workouts led by trainers Tracy Anderson and David Kirsch.

Unsurprisingly, Tracy Anderson, a renowned fitness expert who charges premium fees for access to her gyms, complimented Lopez’s video with a sweet message: “Beauty [heart emoji] so cute I love it!”

During the 5th Annual Daytime Beauty Awards in LA on October 1, Jennifer Lopez presented Tracy Anderson with the Outstanding Achievement in Fitness trophy, praising her as a standout in the industry for her innovative methods and unwavering dedication.

The 54-year-old pop star and her fourth husband Ben Affleck purchased the 38K-square-foot property last May and it features 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a spa/sauna, massage room, indoor pickleball court, boxing ring, and sports lounge

The famous singer, aged 54, along with her fourth spouse Ben Affleck, bought the massive 38,000-square-foot estate in May. This luxurious property boasts 12 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a spa/sauna, massage room, indoor pickleball court, boxing ring, and sports lounge.

Jennifer flaunted her fit 5ft5in figure in $39.99 aim'n 'Cotton Candy Shape Seamless' racerfront top

She wore the matching $69.99 aim'n 'Cotton Candy Shape Seamless' tights with white sneakers

Jennifer confidently showed off her toned 5ft5in physique in a stylish $39.99 aim’n ‘Cotton Candy Shape Seamless’ racerfront top paired with matching $69.99 aim’n ‘Cotton Candy Shape Seamless’ leggings and white sneakers.

The Swedish sportswear brand was founded in 2015 by Tekla Acs and Helen Van

In 2015, Tekla Acs and Helen Van teamed up to establish a new Swedish sportswear brand.

During the workout, Lopez used 5lb metal dumbbells, which just so happened to have her nickname 'JLO' emblazoned on each side

While exercising, Lopez grabbed a pair of 5lb metal dumbbells that were personalized with her famous nickname, ‘JLO’, on both sides.

The Bronx native made sure to showcase her famous derrière doing squats

She held the custom weights in each hand

The woman from the Bronx flaunted her well-known backside by doing squats with specially made weights gripped in both hands.

Jennifer reportedly charges brands an estimated $1.497M per paid partnership post on Instagram

It has been rumored that Jennifer demands around $1.497 million from brands for each sponsored post on her Instagram account.

Lopez is ranked No. 13 on Influencer Marketing Hub's List of Highest Paid Instagram Stars of 2024

Lopez has secured the 13th spot on Influencer Marketing Hub’s compilation of the Top Earning Instagram Celebrities for the year 2024.

The two-time Grammy nominee's video showed a rare glimpse at her natural brunette locks scraped into a messy top bun since she frequently wears hair extensions

The video shared by the artist, who has been nominated for two Grammy awards, captured a unique moment where she sported her natural brunette hair styled in a casual top bun. This was a departure from her usual look, which often includes hair extensions.

Jennifer maintains her enviable body with regular work-outs under the guidance of trainers Tracy Anderson and David Kirsch

Jennifer keeps her figure in top shape by sticking to a consistent exercise routine with the help of fitness trainers Tracy Anderson and David Kirsch.

So it wasn't surprising that Lopez's post received a comment from the 49-year-old fitness guru, who charges a $1,500 initiation fee plus annual dues for VIP access to her gyms: 'Beauty [heart emoji] so cute I love it!'

It came as no shock that Lopez’s social media post got a response from the 49-year-old fitness expert who offers VIP memberships with a $1,500 sign-up fee and yearly dues for her exclusive gyms. The comment read: ‘What a gorgeous beauty! So adorable, I simply adore it!’ with a heart emoji.

Hey girl! Jennifer then presented the Outstanding Achievement in Fitness Award to her longtime, LA-based fitness trainer Tracy Anderson

At the 5th Annual Daytime Beauty Awards in LA on October 1st, the artist behind the hit song “This Time Around” surprised Tracy (L) with the honor of receiving the Outstanding Achievement in Fitness award.

Jennifer will next produce and star as 'brilliant but misanthropic' data analyst Atlas Shepherd in Brad Peyton's AI sci-fi thriller Atlas, which premieres May 24 on Netflix

In the upcoming AI sci-fi thriller Atlas on Netflix, Jennifer will take on the role of the data analyst Atlas Shepherd who is described as brilliant yet antisocial. The movie, directed by Brad Peyton, is set to premiere on May 24th.

Lopez kicks off her 30-date This Is Me... Now: The Tour, supporting her ninth studio album that debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard 200, at the Kia Center in Orlando, FL on June 26

Lopez is set to begin her 30-stop tour, titled This Is Me… Now: The Tour, in support of her latest album. The tour will kick off at the Kia Center in Orlando, FL on June 26th. Lopez’s ninth studio album debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard 200 chart.

On March 13, The Greatest Love Story Never Told producer-star mysteriously canceled seven scheduled concerts dated August 20-31 allegedly due to poor ticket sales

On March 13, The producer and star of the film The Greatest Love Story Never Told abruptly canceled seven upcoming concerts set for August 20-31, reportedly citing poor ticket sales as the reason. Despite this setback, the multi-talented individual has dedicated 25 years to their clients and health, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to their craft.

Looking ahead, they are gearing up to produce and star in Brad Peyton’s latest movie Atlas, portraying the role of a brilliant yet antisocial data analyst named Atlas Shepherd. The film, featuring a star-studded cast including Sterling K. Brown, Simu Liu, and Mark Strong, will debut on Netflix on May 24, promising an intriguing tale of artificial intelligence-driven sci-fi thrills.

Meanwhile, the artist is preparing to kick off a 30-date concert tour titled This Is Me… Now: The Tour in support of their ninth studio album, which debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard 200 chart. The tour will begin at the Kia Center in Orlando, FL on June 26, offering fans a chance to experience their electrifying performances live.

Renowned for their work in the music industry, the artist has faced criticism for allegedly passing off the vocals of African-American singers such as Ashanti, Christina Milian, and Brandy as their own. Notably, in 2002, they retained the vocals of their backup vocalist Natasha Ramos in the hit song “Jenny from the Block,” even including her original demo giggles in the final recording.

In addition to their music career, the artist is set to showcase their acting skills in upcoming projects such as William Goldenberg’s biopic Unstoppable and Bill Condon’s adaptation of the Broadway musical Kiss of the Spider Woman. They are also actively involved in producing the final season of the popular TV series Good Trouble, which airs on Freeform every Tuesday.

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