Jennifer Lopez, 54, rocks a daring thong bustier to flaunt her iconic curves at Apple event in celebration of This Is Me… Now

Jennifer Lopez made a bold fashion statement in recent social media photos, drawing inspiration from Madonna’s iconic style from the 80s. Sporting a delicate lace outfit in a soft latte beige hue, the 54-year-old singer flaunted her curves flawlessly. The ensemble featured a leotard with a sweetheart neckline, cinched at the waist with a corset-like design adorned with gold floral details. This daring look was crafted for her Apple Music Live concert, showcasing her latest project “This Is Me… Now”, a sequel to her album “This Is Me… Then” released 20 years ago, focusing on her relationship with husband Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez stood out in a very eye-popping outfit in new images shared to social media on Wednesday. Her leotard looked like a corset with a sweetheart neckline

Jennifer Lopez made a statement with her bold ensemble in recent photos posted on social media. Her leotard had a corset-like appearance with a flattering sweetheart neckline that caught everyone’s attention.

It appeared as if she was inspired by Madonna 's 80s Live A Virgin attire with her lace look. The 54-year-old songbird was seen in a pale latte beige lace outfit that showed off her bottom and legs very well

She seemed to be channeling Madonna’s iconic 80s “Like a Virgin” style with her lace ensemble. The 54-year-old singer was spotted in a delicate latte-colored lace outfit that accentuated her figure, particularly her legs and derriere.

She held onto a fluffy pink feather boa as she flaunted her diamond stud earrings and numerous gold rings, pairing them with strappy beige platform heels that added six inches to her height. It was in 2020 when Lopez dressed up as Madonna in the iconic Like A Virgin outfit for Halloween.

Following the news of her new project’s success, This Is Me… Now has claimed the top spot on Apple iTunes. The accompanying movie of the same name is also at the forefront on Amazon Prime, where it is currently being streamed.

According to sources, Lopez is ecstatic about the positive reception to both the album and movie. She had a strong belief that her fans would appreciate This Is Me… Now for its personal touch and creative expression. Some of the tracks gaining popularity include titles such as Rebound, Not. Going. Anywhere., and Can’t Get Enough.

This recent achievement mirrors her previous success in 2001 when her film The Wedding Planner topped the box office while her album J.Lo dominated the charts. Up next for Lopez is the release of her documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told on February 27.

The look was given a boost by her beige platform heels with an ankle strap

Her outfit was enhanced by the addition of beige platform heels featuring an ankle strap.

'She is thrilled that both the album and movie are doing so well,' a source told 'She had a feeling her fans would react in a positive way to This Is Me... Now because it is so personal. It is her vision and a show of her creative freedom.' Seen in Can't Get Enough

One insider revealed to that she is over the moon about the success of both her album and movie. She had a hunch that her fans would love This Is Me… Now due to its personal nature, reflecting her vision and creative independence. As featured in Can’t Get Enough.

According to a source who spoke to, Jennifer is ecstatic about having the freedom to create on her own terms. Throughout her career, she has faced criticism and limitations, but with her latest project, she is finally able to showcase her creativity. Although it may take some time for people to fully grasp her vision, her upcoming documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, will provide further insight. The documentary is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on February 27. Lopez has been successful with her streaming projects, with This Is Me… Now becoming her fourth number one film, following Marry Me on Peacock, Shotgun Wedding on Amazon Prime, and The Mother on Netflix.

The look was for her special Apple concert to support her new project This Is Me... Now which is a follow up to her album This Is Me... Then from 20 years ago

She chose the outfit specifically for her exclusive Apple concert, where she would be showcasing her latest project titled This Is Me… Now. This new release serves as a continuation of her album This Is Me… Then, which was released two decades ago.

Her makeup was a mauve rose tone with large diamond earrings and her hair down

Her makeup had a beautiful shade of rose mauve, complemented by elegant diamond earrings and her hair cascading down. Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Jennifer Lopez’s producing partner, recently shared insights into Lopez’s determination. Despite being initially told she couldn’t act as a dancer or sing as an actress, Lopez proved critics wrong with successes like her album “On the 6” and the film “The Wedding Planner”. Even when advised against making her latest movie, “This is Me…Now: A Love Story”, she defied the odds and it’s now being hailed as a “masterpiece”. Goldsmith-Thomas emphasized the importance of believing in your dreams and not letting others dictate what is possible. Lopez also discussed her journey with Kelly Clarkson on her talk show, highlighting the importance of perseverance and self-belief.

She also held onto a feather boa that could have passed for a coat

She clung onto a feather boa that could easily pass as a coat. The singer, originally from The Bronx, was discussing her latest projects – a movie, documentary, and album all titled This Is Me… Now. During the conversation, she mentioned a new revelation: before rekindling her relationship with Ben, her ex-fiancé from two decades ago, she feared being alone. Describing her reconciliation with the Oscar-winning actor as a surprising ‘plot twist,’ she shared that detail in her upcoming movie. The former Fly Girl emphasized that her story is not a fairy tale but a real-life tale. Lopez also expressed her belief that she has evolved significantly as both an artist and an individual. Additionally, she delved into the meaning behind her new songs, including one titled Can’t Get Enough.

The attractive Latin celebrity connected with Kelly over their similar views on relationships, describing their dynamic as “yin-yang.” Kelly opened up about her fear of losing herself in a relationship, while Jennifer confessed to her fear of being alone. Despite facing similar issues, they took different paths in handling them.

Clarkson revealed that she tends to prioritize the needs of men, while Lopez attributed her comfort with bodies around her to growing up sharing a bed with her sisters. Jennifer shared that she had to learn how to be alone and become her own best friend. She emphasized the importance of putting in the effort to change ingrained patterns, as highlighted in the movie they were discussing.

To celebrate the release of Lopez’s new album “This Is Me…Now,” she engaged in a competitive game with Kelly called “Throw Me A Line!” During Kellyoke, Clarkson and her band performed Lopez’s hit “Let’s Get Loud” as a tribute to her guest.

Jennifer expressed thanks to her fans for their support in a heartfelt Instagram video, announcing her upcoming tour with excitement. She conveyed her love and gratitude towards her followers, acknowledging their patience and loyalty. Jennifer ended the video with a promise of an exciting summer ahead for all of them together.

Lopez sat down with Kelly Clarkson on her talk show on Monday morning

Lopez appeared as a guest on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show Monday morning.

The star then said she had to learn how to be alone and to be 'my own best friend'

The celebrity later mentioned that she had to discover how to enjoy her own company and become her own closest companion.

Following Jennifer’s hint that the upcoming This is Me… Now Tour could be her final big concert series, fans eagerly anticipate the 34-date North American arena concerts scheduled for this summer. Starting on June 26 at the Kia Center in Orlando, Florida, the tour promises to be an electrifying and unforgettable experience for attendees.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer shared her excitement and goals for the tour, emphasizing her desire to give her fans the best show possible. Reflecting on her albums, she revealed that she hadn’t initially planned for a ‘Now’ album when she released ‘Then’. However, looking back, she sees a sense of destiny in the way both albums, dedicated to her husband Ben, capture significant moments in her life.

Jennifer mused about the serendipity of naming her earlier album ‘This Is Me… Then’, unknowingly foreshadowing the love story that would unfold with Ben Affleck later in life. As she prepares for the upcoming tour, fans can expect a magical night of music and memories as Jennifer puts on a show to remember.

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