Jennifer Lopez, 54, flaunts her fabulous figure in a stunning print dress and stylish lavender fur coat at an entertaining drag brunch in West Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez stole the show at The Abbey’s Sunday Service drag brunch in West Hollywood with her impeccable fashion sense and fit physique on full display. The multi-talented artist arrived in style, clad in a luxurious full-length fur coat and stunning white stiletto boots. As she gracefully removed her coat, she revealed a trendy color-block dress that perfectly complemented her boots.

With her hair styled in soft, flowing waves and a flawlessly applied makeup palette, Lopez radiated beauty and elegance throughout the event. Her presence at the renowned club wasn’t just for show, as she took the opportunity to honor the club’s founder and former owner, David Cooley, with a well-deserved plaque recognizing his exceptional 33 years of service.

Adding to the festivities, Lopez also used the occasion to promote her own ventures. She proudly showcased Delola, her own line of pre-made spirits that had been launched in 2023. Additionally, she shared her latest single, Can’t Get Enough, with the enthusiastic crowd. It was undoubtedly a memorable day for Jennifer Lopez and all those in attendance.

Jennifer Lopez showed off her toned frame and incredible style as she attended The Abbey's Sunday Service drag brunch in West Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez made quite a fashionable statement while gracing The Abbey’s Sunday Service drag brunch in West Hollywood. Not only did she effortlessly flaunt her well-toned physique, but her impeccable sense of style left everyone in awe.

In a surprising twist, she surprised everyone by stepping behind the bar and personally serving her famous Delola cocktails. Finally, Lopez took the stage alongside her agent Kevin Huvane to honor Cooley and his significant contributions to The Abbey and the LGBTQ+ community.

“I wanted to be here today to celebrate someone incredibly special,” she began, introducing Cooley. “He has shown immense support to me and countless other artists, dedicating 33 years to providing sanctuary, ceremony, and service to the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s not forget the ‘plus’.” Lopez’s voice brimmed with gratitude.

As Cooley walked towards the stage, Lopez humbly added, “It is truly an honor for me to be here.”

Once on stage, clutching the plaque, JLo and her agent expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the event’s honoree. “Kevin and I feel privileged to present this to you…congratulations,” she said, visibly moved. “You have brought this community together for so many years, creating something truly beautiful. I am truly grateful, and I know Kevin is too. Thank you.”

Cooley had previously announced the sale of The Abbey and The Chapel in West Hollywood to entrepreneur Tristan Schukraft. The agreement, disclosed through WeHo Times, was made public in November, showcasing a shared vision between the two men.

The Hustlers star arrived at the venue all decked out in her fab ensemble

Decked out in her fabulous outfit, the star from Hustlers made quite an entrance as she arrived at the venue.

Cooley, who was honored for his 33 years of service in West Hollywood, appeared ovefrjoyed by Lopez's appearance

Cooley, celebrated for his remarkable dedication of 33 years to the West Hollywood community, appeared absolutely thrilled when Lopez made a surprise appearance.

The singer, who was also on hand to promote her new single Can't Get Enought, was led through the crowd of customers, many of which were stunned to see the superstar

Accompanied by excitement surrounding her latest track, “Can’t Get Enough,” the songstress gracefully weaved her way through a sea of shoppers, leaving numerous customers in sheer awe upon spotting the remarkable superstar.

The superstar made her way to the bar where she would help serve drinks, as part of the promotion for her Delola brand of spirits

The celebrity smoothly navigated her way to the bar, where she willingly took on the role of a bartender to support the promotion of her very own line of Delola spirits.

JLo was all smiles while working the bar in her stylish multi-brown tone ensemble

JLo flashed her brightest smile as she effortlessly worked behind the bar, dressed in a chic outfit of various stunning shades of brown.

On several occasions, Lopez busted out a few dance moves as the music played

Lopez delighted the audience with her dance moves several times during the event. One of the most memorable moments of the night occurred when Jo Lopez, a talented JLo impersonator, took the stage to entertain the crowd. Little did she know, the real Jennifer Lopez was about to surprise her from behind. Jo Lopez couldn’t contain her excitement as they hugged in disbelief.

What made the encounter even more extraordinary was that Jo Lopez happened to be wearing a replica of the iconic white dress that Jennifer wore in the official music video for her latest song, “Can’t Get Enough.” The bar was celebrating the release of this new track, and Jennifer herself decided to join the celebration by surprising her devoted fan and drag queen impersonator on stage.

Despite Jo’s initial worries about her appearance, including lace that was past its prime, an unsightly scar on her chin, the beginnings of facial hair, oily makeup, and a noticeable double chin, everything else faded away in the face of meeting her idol. Overwhelmed with joy, Jo shared on her Instagram Story, “but I met Jlo today and nothing else matters.”

Lopez served plenty of Delola during her time behind the bar at the famed West Hollywood establishment

While working at the renowned West Hollywood hotspot, Lopez delighted many patrons with an ample supply of Delola cocktails.

Fans not only lined up for drinks they also were there to shoot photos and videos

Not only did fans form queues for beverages, but also eagerly captured moments through their cameras and smartphones.

The Bronz, New York native got playful for the camera in video shared on her Instagram page

The playful side of Bronz, a native of New York, was captured on camera in a fun video that she shared on her Instagram page.

Lopez herself decided to give her Instagram followers a glimpse of her incredible experience at The Abbey WeHo where she took on the role of a bartender, serving drinks and engaging in lively conversations with both friends and fans. With the hashtag #CantGetEnough, she expressed her enjoyment in every caption for the photos and videos she shared on her page.

Excitement filled the air as The Abbey WeHo posted a surprising video of the ‘Jenny From The Block’ star, naming the video post ‘SURPRISE Can’t Get Enough @delola at The @abbeyweho #ThisIsMeNow’. The video showcased Lopez demonstrating her bartending skills, delighting everyone present at the establishment.

In addition to Lopez’s own Instagram posts, The Abbey WeHo shared a variety of priceless pictures on their own Instagram page. One notable moment captured was Lopez presenting a plaque to Cooley, creating an unforgettable memory for both of them.

Arguable Lopez's biggest fan, JLo drag impersonator Jo Lopez, was on stage when the real Jlo made her surprise appearance

Jo Lopez, an ardent admirer of the talented artist Lopez, found themselves in the spotlight as a JLo drag impersonator. Their sheer devotion paid off when the actual Jlo unexpectedly graced the stage.

Jo Lopez went into a frenzy when she turned to see the superstar performer

Jo Lopez became ecstatic when she glanced over and caught sight of the sensational entertainer.

Jo shared how she was 'crying' when she got to hug the singer, dancer and actress

Jo recounted her overwhelming flood of emotions as she embraced the multi-talented artist, shedding tears of joy.

The crowd went wild while Jo was in her frenzy hugging JLo

The audience erupted with excitement as Jo became overwhelmed with joy and embraced JLo in an ecstatic frenzy.

The Jenny From The Block star and her agent both introduced David Cooley during the tribute to him for his service to the area through The Abbey, which was sold recently

Jennifer Lopez and her agent took the stage to honor David Cooley for his immense contribution to the community through The Abbey. The renowned star, known affectionately as Jenny From The Block, joined forces with her agent to pay tribute to Cooley, recognizing his remarkable service to the locality. It should be mentioned that The Abbey, the establishment Cooley had poured his heart into, was recently sold.

The Jenny From The Block star honored David Cooley, who founded The Abbey, a West Hollywood sanctuary for the LGBTQ+ community, for his 33 years of service

Jennifer Lopez, famously known as Jenny From The Block, paid tribute to David Cooley, the visionary behind The Abbey – a haven for the LGBTQ+ community located in West Hollywood. This recognition came as an appreciation for Cooley’s remarkable dedication spanning over three decades of unwavering service.

Before heading out to the envent, Lopez struck a poses seemingly at her home for Instagram

Before going to the event, Lopez took some photos at her house and posted them on Instagram. David Cooley, the owner of The Abbey, was amazed by her surprise. Jennifer Lopez made The Abbey even more famous because it was celebrating its 33rd anniversary. Cooley couldn’t believe what he was seeing after 33 years in the business. In another video, Lopez is shown walking through the crowd and the caption reads, “Legends never brunch alone, and Jennifer Lopez turned The Abbey into a brunch haven fit for royalty.” It was a memorable afternoon and Cooley thanked Lopez for it. The Abbey WeHo Instagram page also shared some valuable pictures, including one of Lopez presenting a plaque to Cooley. It was truly a day to remember as Lopez added star power to Cooley’s incredible 33-year legacy.

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