J-Lo’s Fearless Plunge: Embracing the Pool in a Daring Yellow Bikini

Geronimo! Jennifer Lopez does a cannonball jump into her hotel pool in Miami, Florida, today

Yeehaw! Today, the vivacious Jennifer Lopez takes a daring leap into the refreshing oasis of her hotel pool in Miami, Florida.

In at the deep end: The former American Idol judge makes impact with the water...

Taking the plunge: The ex-American Idol panelist makes waves in the pool…

Action woman: Lopez made a big splash after leaping in

A Bold Individual: Lopez Created Waves with a Daring Leap

My go! Lopez's daughter Emme also made a leap of faith herself

Here we go! Emme, the daughter of Lopez, also took a brave leap of faith.

In deep: Lopez was quickly joined by her daughter Emme, who clung to her mother in the pool

Underwater: Lopez’s daughter Emme wasted no time in joining her, embracing her mother tightly while immersed in the pool.

Playing stepdad: Casper Smart carries four-year-old Emme on his shoulders

Having a blast as the substitute father figure, Casper Smart joyfully gives little Emme, who is four years old, a piggyback ride.



Hang on for dear life: Emme seems to have a laid-back dynamic with her mother’s fresh flame.

Balancing act: J-Lo's daughter showed some of the same aptitude for co-ordination as her talented mother

Balancing act: J-Lo's daughter showed some of the same aptitude for co-ordination as her talented mother

Keeping a fine balance: J-Lo’s offspring revealed a similar prowess in coordination, mirroring the talent displayed by her extraordinary mother.

Water baby: The daughter of Lopez and her previous husband Marc Anthony seemed confident in the water

Aquatic enthusiast: The offspring of Lopez and her former spouse Marc Anthony displayed remarkable water confidence.

Twins: Maximilian and his sister Emme enjoyed some down time with their mother before her final shows

The twins, Maximilian and Emme, had a relaxing time with their mother as she prepared for her last performances.

Settling in: Casper threw a birthday party for J-Lo in July, which apparently went down a treat

Getting comfortable: Casper hosted a fantastic birthday bash for J-Lo during the month of July, and it seems like everyone had an amazing time.

Relaxing: The Out of Sight actress has just two more shows to perform on the last leg of her tour

Enjoying her well-deserved downtime, the talented performer from Out of Sight is gracefully approaching the culmination of her tour, with only a couple of captivating shows left to mesmerize her audience.

The one-year mark: Jennifer and Casper have been dating for about a year

The 365-day milestone: Jennifer and Casper have been in a loving relationship for approximately twelve months.

Hooray! Lopez claps as she watches her kids play in the pool, and Casper makes his way to the water

Yay! Lopez enthusiastically applauds as she admires her children frolicking in the pool, while Casper eagerly joins in for a dip.

Good times: Emme, J-Lo and Casper hopped under the shade of an umbrella while in the pool

Fun times: Emme, Jennifer Lopez, and Casper found respite from the sun by gathering beneath an umbrella while enjoying themselves in the pool.

That's better! J-Lo was obviously relishing the opportunity for a dip after her flight into Miami

Much to her delight, J-Lo couldn’t wait to take a refreshing swim upon arriving in Miami.

Gun fight! Emme and Max play with water guns by the side of the pool

A playful battle unfolds by the pool as Emme and Max engage in a thrilling water gun duel.

Toyboy: The age difference between the 25-year-old dancer and his 43-year-old girlfriend doesn't seem to be worrying either of them

Toyboy: The sizable age gap between the young and energetic 25-year-old dancer and his vibrant 43-year-old girlfriend appears to be of no concern to either of them.

A different kind of wardrobe malfunction: Emme stpped on her mother's dress as they arrived at their hotel

An unexpected fashion faux pas: Emme accidentally treads on her mother’s flowing gown while they make their way towards their hotel.

Big entourage: The singer and her crew will no doubt be happy to have only two more shows left

Huge posse: It’s certain that the vocalist and her team will be thrilled with just a couple of concerts remaining.

Mommy's boy: Jennifer carries her son Max to the hotel after arriving in Miami

Mummy’s darling: Jennifer lovingly carries her son Max as they make their way to the hotel upon their arrival in the vibrant city of Miami.

Hard work: Travelling isn't easy at the best of times, but try kids and a huge entourage in tow

Traveling can be quite challenging, especially when you’re accompanied by children and a large group of people.

Baggage heavy: No doubt the bell hops were expecting a tip at the end of this little run

Carrying a burden: Undoubtedly, the bellhops were anticipating a gratuity following this short journey.

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