Italian Elegance: Emma Watson Stuns in a Chic Ensemble at the Palazzo Parigi Hotel, Accompanied by Her Furry Companion, During Milan’s Fashion Extravaganza

On Wednesday, Emma Watson showcased her effortless Italian-inspired style as she returned to her hotel in Milan after attending an event during Fashion Week. The 33-year-old actress seemed in high spirits as she stepped into the Palazzo Parigi hotel wearing a combination of a white blouse and a crew-neck sweater casually draped over her shoulders. Her outfit exuded sophistication with a black skirt adorned with gold buckles, perfectly complemented by white patent heels that gave her a slight elevation. Despite a long day, Emma appeared radiant, her face devoid of tiredness as she flashed a smile for the awaiting photographers. Completing her chic look, she accessorized with a white Prada handbag featuring elegant gold clasps and confidently led her dog, who roamed untethered by her side.

Gorgeous: Emma Watson, 33, looked the epitome of Italian-chic on Wednesday as she arrived back at her hotel with her dog during Milan Fashion Week

Stunning: Emma Watson, aged 33, exuded effortless Italian charm on Wednesday as she returned to her hotel accompanied by her adorable canine companion amidst the bustling Milan Fashion Week.

Super chic: The actress appeared to be in great spirits as she arrived at the Palazzo Parigi hotel dressed in a white blouse and crew-neck jumper around her shoulders

Looking effortlessly stylish, the actress exuded a positive energy as she arrived at the Palazzo Parigi hotel. Sporting a white blouse and draping a crew-neck jumper over her shoulders, she seemed unfazed by the presence of her bodyguards. Recently, she had become the target of a stalker, who had also targeted Drew Barrymore.

During New York Fashion Week, Emma Watson faced an unsettling incident when Chad Michael Busto attempted to force his way into her dressing room. Thankfully, he was apprehended soon after. Chad managed to enter a dressing room where a show was taking place and proceeded to shout at makeup artists and models. According to court documents, his words were clear: “I want to marry Emma Watson. Let me speak to Emma Watson. Let me take a photo with Emma Watson.” It remains uncertain whether the actress was present at the time of the incident.

In a surprising turn of events, Chad was recently released from prison due to a significant oversight by the prosecution. The prosecutor unintentionally failed to set bail for the celebrity prowler, deeming his offense ineligible for such a measure. This decision came less than a month after Chad’s arrest for stalking Drew Barrymore and subsequent release by a judge in Southhampton.

The stalker’s audacity reached new heights when he showed up at the star’s home in the Hamptons on August 23, just two days after confronting her at a live event at the 92nd Street Y. Despite facing such unsettling situations, the actress remained composed and undeterred, continuing to shine bright in the spotlight.

Glamorous: She sported a sophisticated look in a black skirt that detailed gold buckles and wore a glamorous pair of white patent heels, which added a little height to her frame

Stylish: She flaunted an elegant appearance with a black skirt adorned with golden buckles and rocked a chic pair of white patent heels, giving her a slight boost in height.

Beauty: The Harry Potter star looked fresh-faced and beamed a smile for photographers after a busy day in Milan

Appearance: Following a hectic day in Milan, the actor from the renowned Harry Potter series displayed a glowing, youthful complexion and radiated happiness as they eagerly posed for photographers.

Stylish: She accessorised her stylish ensemble with a white Prada handbag with gold clasps and walked in front of her leash-less dog

Chic: She completed her fashionable outfit with a white Prada purse adorned with golden clasps and strolled ahead of her off-leash canine companion. This comes after Emma baffled her fans with her “gravity-defying” gown last month. Taking to Instagram, she shared pictures of herself alongside her brother Alex, 31, to promote his new gin brand, Renais. Emma looked absolutely stunning in a captivating strapless cocktail dress in baby blue, featuring asymmetric wiring, from Loewe’s spring 2023 collection. Her followers were immediately puzzled by the unique structure of the garment, questioning how it managed to stay in place and suggesting it may have been a result of Harry Potter-like magic. One follower humorously asked, “What in the wingardium leviosa is that dress?” while another commented, “The dress looks like it’s floating. I’m trying to wrap my head around it.” Another playful remark read, “The dress said wingardium leviosa,” as someone else inquired, “How is the dress even attached to your body? Is it hanging from your ears?” Expressing awe, one person declared, “This dress is defying the laws of physics,” and another admitted, “This picture is leaving me utterly puzzled.” Meanwhile, someone else cleverly observed, “The dress is giving off some serious wingardium leviosa vibes.”

Protected: The star, who was surrounded by bodyguards as she approached her hotel, had recently been targeted by Drew Barrymore's stalker

Exclusive Access: Surrounded by a team of bodyguards, the famous celebrity arrived at her hotel amidst heightened security. Interestingly, she had recently become the target of Drew Barrymore’s stalker. Adding to the buzz, Emma featured in a captivating video with Vogue where she not only highlighted her new gin but also revealed the contents of her trendy handbag. Among her cherished possessions was The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain, a product she confessed to using for an extended period of time. Expressing her deep adoration, she mentioned that her obsession with the stain reached new heights when she discovered that it might have been discontinued. Consequently, she resorted to purchasing a stash on eBay to ensure she never ran out. This revelation caused quite a stir, prompting The Body Shop to clarify that not only is the popular cult item still available, but it has also undergone a transformation. The reformulated and repackaged version now goes by the name Sheer Touch Lip & Cheek Tint (£14). The brand proudly highlights the product’s vegan status, with 85% of its ingredients being of natural origin. Furthermore, environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate the stunning recyclable* bottle, crafted from recycled glass, giving it a touch of sustainability.

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