Intriguing Introductions: A Heartwarming Encounter with a Captivating Puma Embracing Both Feline and Canine Traits

Messi, a unique feline named after the famous soccer player, is not your ordinary cat. He is a mellow puma who found his forever home with Aleksandr and Mariya Dmitriev in 2016. Initially residing in a petting zoo in Penza, Russia, Messi faced health issues when he was just three months old. Unfortunately, due to the puma’s non-native status in Russia, the zoo couldn’t release him into the wild, and his health problems prevented him from being transferred to another zoo or animal sanctuary. The only option left was euthanasia – until the Dmitrievs stepped in.

For Aleksandr and Mariya, it was love at first sight when they laid their eyes on Messi at the zoo. Determined to give him a second chance, they worked closely with the institution and were granted permission to adopt him as their own. In their care, they devoted themselves to nursing Messi back to health. Though weak and demanding extra attention, the puma overcame his ailments and grew into a full-sized adult. However, despite his progress, Messi remains slightly smaller than the average puma, measuring at two-thirds of their size.

Living with the Dmitrievs, Messi showcases a blend of canine and feline traits. Similar to a dog, he requires ample exercise and is taken on two walks daily by Aleksandr and Mariya. Additionally, they regularly attend training classes with him, contributing to his impressive repertoire of ten commands. Yet, when he’s at home in a relaxed state, Messi exhibits typical cat behavior. He indulges in climbing into boxes, scratching on his designated post, and lounging around with his beloved humans. The domesticated puma also relishes in being petted and eagerly engages in playtime, all while keeping his claws retracted.

Over the years, Messi has amassed quite a following. He has become an internet sensation, boasting more than one million Instagram followers and a popular YouTube channel. To catch a glimpse of this extraordinary feline, don’t forget to scroll through his Instagram account. And keep an eye out for future posts featuring Ichel, a cheetah that Aleksandr and Mariya rescued at the beginning of 2020. Messi’s online presence continues to grow alongside his extraordinary life with his dedicated human companions.

The gentle being was cared for and nurtured until he regained his strength, and now he has become a beloved member of their joyful household.

Aleksandr and Mariya frequently upload numerous videos unveiling their exhilarating adventures alongside the revered football phenomenon, Messi.

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