“Internet Darling: The Charm of a Cross-Eyed Feline”

Spangles The Cross-Eyed Cat Is A Facebook Hit (PICTURES) | HuffPost UK News

SPANGLES is capturing global attention with his stylish and captivating fashion escapades.

Spangles, darling of the web

Spangles the cross-eyed cat becomes a Facebook star | Cross eyed cat, Funny  cat pictures, Pretty cats

Spangles the cross-eyed cat becomes a Facebook star

Sign up for our daily newsletter to receive the most recent top news stories directly to your email inbox. By signing up, you allow us to deliver content tailored to your preferences and enhance our knowledge of you. This may involve receiving advertisements from us and other sources. Get acquainted with Spangles, the lovable cat with crossed eyes that is capturing the hearts of many fans. Mary Buchanan, his owner, shared photos of Spangles dressed in various outfits, causing him to become an internet sensation.

Spangles taking his ease with some trendy headgear

Spangles is enjoying some relaxation time with his stylish headwear. This three-year-old pup has become a social media sensation with his own dedicated Facebook fan page, boasting 5000 eager followers who can’t wait to see his daily photos. Spangles is often seen sporting unique outfits like a pirate, frog, tiger, and even a unicorn. Mary, a 25-year-old student from Spartanburg, South Carolina, welcomed Spangles into her home when he was just five months old after he was given to her by a neighbor.

Dinosaur? No, it's Spangles exhibiting his fun side

Not a dinosaur, but Spangles surely knows how to have a good time! His owner shared that he was named after the Star-Spangled Banner due to being born on July 4. She also mentioned that he has never faced any issues, can see perfectly well, and has excellent coordination.

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