Hungry Cat Shows Up Outside Man’s Home, Returns After a Month for Help

One day, a man noticed a stray cat outside his home looking for a meal. To his surprise, the cat returned after a month, this time seeking assistance.

Miloh, the charming feline, made his appearance at a kind resident’s doorstep in Montreal, searching for a meal. Sebastien, a cat lover with four furry companions, generously provided him with some kibbles and water. The hungry stray quickly devoured the food and hurried off. However, as the weather grew colder, Miloh returned, seeking comfort and sustenance from the familiar spot. Celine Crom from Chatons Orphelins Montreal revealed, “He was famished and thirsty, so he revisited the spot where he had been fed before.”

Sebastien spotted a hungry cat outside his house, looking for food. The cat was wary at first, but Sebastien didn’t give up. He set up a cozy shelter and started feeding the stray cat every day. Slowly but surely, the cat began to trust Sebastien and seek refuge in the shelter from the cold. Sebastien’s kindness paid off as the cat started to warm up to him, allowing him to get closer with each passing day.

After a few weeks of wandering, he returned and made himself comfortable. The cat was spotted on the porch, matted and wet, clearly in need of some care. Feeling sorry for him, Sebastien left some food by the door to lure him inside. Eventually, the cat warmed up to the idea of indoor living and finally let Sebastien take him in.

One day, Sebastien found a wet and exhausted cat wandering outside in the cold. He decided to contact a local rescue group, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, and volunteered to provide a temporary home for the feline. They named him Miloh and despite his dirty coat and tangled fur, he was finally safe.
After discovering a microchip on Miloh, they realized it wasn’t registered. They tried to track down the pound where it was originally issued, but unfortunately, there was no information available about the cat in their records.

After much deliberation, Miloh made the decision to give indoor living a chance. The folks at @comrescuemontreal shared, “Miloh was abandoned outside without anyone coming to find him. Despite being scared, he was gentle and curious about the indoor world.” To help Miloh adjust, Sebastien set up a cozy shelter inside that resembled the one Miloh favored on the porch.

Sebastien put together a cozy cardboard hideaway for Miloh, providing him with a sense of security. Miloh wasted no time in checking out his new safe haven and ended up spending a good amount of time catching up on sleep. This peace and quiet allowed him to gradually regain his appetite and strength. After some time, Miloh felt brave enough to venture out of his comfort zone and began exploring his surroundings. Sniffing around every corner, he eventually made his way over to his foster dad, seeking some well-deserved affection.

Miloh has transformed into a cuddle-loving, attention-seeking cat who is full of energy and excitement. According to Celine at @comrescuemontreal, Miloh now seeks hugs, toys, and plenty of head scratches with a newfound affectionate nature. His playful antics and love for attention have brought out his inner charm, making him a joy to be around.

The formerly shy stray has blossomed into a real cuddle bug. To help him become more comfortable around people, Anne-marie, a volunteer at the rescue, took him in. It was a match made in heaven for the pair.
Miloh wasted no time in showing off his purring skills, never missing a beat. He shadowed his foster mom wherever she went in the house, contentedly kneading away with his paws by her side.

@comrescuemontreal shared that Miloh has quickly formed a strong bond with Pixie, the resident cat who was also adopted from their rescue. Miloh is enjoying his new life to the fullest, having all his needs met. He loves sunbathing with Pixie by the window and spends his days playing happily. It seems like Miloh has found his perfect match with his foster family, fitting in seamlessly as if he was always meant to be there.

Miloh and Pixie
During the day, Miloh fills the house with purrs and cuddles for the family. At night, he snuggles up in bed with them, purring softly in their ears. Anne-marie is certain that he has found his forever home with them.
“After just a few weeks of foster care, I knew he was here to stay,” Anne-marie recalled.

Anne-marie, Miloh ventured towards the correct house seeking assistance and eventually discovered the ideal family to accompany him for the rest of his days.

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