Get to Know: The Charismatic Charcoal Bengal – A Feline with Beauty and Wit!

Here in this neck of the woods, we have a bit of a Bengal Cat obsession. It’s hard not to be enamored with these stunning, intelligent, and unique felines.

Meet Mose, a charming four-year-old Charcoal Bengal Cat who happens to have a fondness for The Office (you know, that popular US sitcom with Steve Carell, John Krasinski, and Rainn Wilson). With his good looks and playful captions, Mose’s Instagram account is always buzzing with activity.

Mose is undeniably handsome, and his social media presence is a delight to follow. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to read our interview with his family to learn more about this fabulous feline!

Say hello to Mose – the dashing four-year-old Charcoal Bengal Cat who is living his best life.

This is Mose. He's a four-year old Charcoal Bengal Cat living his best life.

As per UC Davis, Charcoal Bengals have a unique coat pattern with a darker face mask and a thick dorsal stripe that resembles a cape.

According to UC Davis, Charcoal Bengals

My cousin has a Bengal cat with a unique coat pattern called “charcoal.” This pattern is created by the mix of a non-agouti variant in a domestic cat and an agouti variant in an Asian Leopard Cat.


Mose, my cousin from Bengal
We inquired about how Mose ended up joining his family. His mother shared the story, saying:
“We crossed paths when the breeder reached out to me about taking on a ‘project Bengal’ as he was wild and untamed as a kitten. I was captivated by his mesmerizing green eyes, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

We asked Mose's humans how Mose came to live with them. His mom said:


My cousin Mose from Bengal mentioned, “My spouse and I have put in a lot of effort to help him become more socialized.”

She added:

Completely enchanted by Mose and his captivating photographs, we were eager to learn more about the endearing feline.

Immediately captivated by Mose and his stunning pictures, we wanted to know so much more about the adorable cat.

His mother shared with us the unique preference Mose has when it comes to snacks:
“Mose’s top choice for treats is raw beef.”

His mom told us about the exceptional taste Mose has in treats:

My cousin Mose, a Bengal cat, has a mischievous side like most cats do. His family shared with us one of his most notorious escapades: “Mose’s most mischievous act was when he decided to mark his territory by peeing on my old iPad. That incident led to me getting a new tablet, for obvious reasons.”

And he's not been without his shenanigans (as most cats tend to be full of shenanigans,) his family told us about his naughtiest adventure:

Doesn’t this look like the epitome of innocence? (Trick question- all cats have a naturally “innocent” face!)

This seems like the face of innocence though, doesn't it? (Trick question, all cats have an

What is Mose’s favorite pastime?
“Mose is a big fan of anything that involves string. He especially enjoys playing with hoodie strings and drawstrings on pants.”

What does Mose love to do?

Mose isn’t the only furry resident in his home – he shares his space with a large and lovely feline family.

Mose doesn't live alone with his humans, he actually has a big, beautiful, cat-tastic family.

According to his owners:
“Mose is the lone male in a household filled with 5 Bengal cats.”

His humans told us:

She mentioned:
“He’s certainly the king of the castle and enjoys bossing his sisters around. He’s taking good care of them, that’s for sure!”
This is the confident face of the feline leader!

She added:

Make sure to stay updated on all of Mose’s latest adventures by following him on social media, especially Instagram. You’ll love keeping up with Mose and all the fun he’s having – definitely worth it!

If you like Mose, which we're sure you do, don't forget to keep up with his social media.

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