Get to Know Smoothie, the Feline Celebrity with an Eye for the Camera

In my opinion, I find all cats to be quite beautiful. It’s natural for us to believe that our own pets are the most attractive, but there is one feline from the Netherlands who has earned the title of “World’s Most Photogenic Cat” and she takes her status seriously! This kitty weighs a mere 2.6kg or nearly 6lbs for non-metric users, and she truly is a sight to behold. Her emerald eyes sparkle and her coat is so lustrous, it’s almost irresistible. Smoothie, also known as the Queen of Fluff, is undoubtedly one of the most stunning cats around.

Although she may bear resemblance to a Persian, this charming feline is actually a British Longhair. This breed is similar to the well-known British Shorthair cat, but with longer hair.

Those eyes are so captivating, I can’t take my gaze away!

Curious about the origins of this adorable princess’s name? Arvid van Boekel, her owner, shares the story: “We had an extensive list of names, but I was determined to come up with something unique and endearing,” van Boekel reveals. “Smoothies have a sweetness to them, and she has a smooth, sleek look, so it seemed like the perfect fit.” We have to agree – the name is both sweet and sassy! ????????‍♀️

“Why is the food not being served yet? It seems like this fluffy cat is the queen of the house!”

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