“Gai’s Crocheted Ears: A Stray Cat’s Unique Tale of Finding a Forever Home”

During their lunch break on January 14, 2020, H Due, a licensed veterinary technician, came across a listing on the Dane County Humane Society’s website for a tabby cat without ears that was in search of a permanent loving home.

H recounts how a stray dog with severely infected ears and excessive scar tissue in the ear flaps was brought into the shelter. The condition was so bad that the ears had to be surgically removed since they couldn’t be treated otherwise.

After being saved/Image via @nora.no.ears on Instagram
At the moment, H and their spouse were already caring for a cat, a three-legged pit bull, and a one-eyed Shih Tzu. They weren’t planning to bring in another pet. However, the nine-year-old cat without ears, recently rescued from the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, captured H’s heart in a special way. “I just couldn’t resist her charm,” recalls H, mentioning, “I’ve always had a soft spot for senior and special needs animals.”

After suggesting the idea to his wife, who happens to be a special education teacher, H didn’t have to persuade her to rescue the earless cat from the shelter. Surprisingly, within hours, H’s wife appeared at the veterinary clinic with the charming grey tabby in tow. H recalls being utterly amazed upon seeing the cat for the first time. Following a heartwarming introduction, they decided to conduct several tests to ensure the earless feline wouldn’t pose any health concerns to their existing cat.

The tests showed that the unique cat, Nora, was surprisingly healthy despite her time as a homeless cat. Nora quickly adapted to her new home, where she now lives her best life according to her owners. Over a year later, Nora is still thriving and enjoys napping with the family’s three-legged dog, Matilda. While Nora may look different, she is just like any other cat and doesn’t need special care, aside from being careful around her sensitive ear canals. Her owners hope that more people will consider adopting special kitties like Nora, who deserve loving homes just like any other cat.

When H first laid eyes on Nora, a beautiful grey tabby cat, they had an instant connection that has only grown stronger over the past year. H affectionately refers to her as Nora Jean the Earless Queen and believes that their love for her is unmatched. H jokingly admits that they love Nora more than their own wife, emphasizing the deep bond and significance she holds in their life. Nora is truly the best thing ever in H’s eyes.

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