From Near Death to New Life: The Miraculous Journey of an Abandoned Premature Kitten

Meet Hazel, an adorable little calico kitty who has overcome incredible challenges since the day she came into this world. Born prematurely, Hazel was the sole survivor of her litter, defying the odds and proving her resilience from the very beginning.

Katerina Gvozdova, a dedicated feline rescuer from CatRescue901 in South Wales, Australia, recently received distressing news about a nearby litter of kittens. The mother cat had given birth prematurely, resulting in the devastating loss of two stillborn kittens and the remaining ones were in grave danger. Due to the traumatic birth, the mother cat was unable to care for her fragile babies, prompting Katerina to step in and offer her help.

Without wasting any time, Katerina rushed the two surviving kittens to the vet in hopes of saving their lives. Tragically, despite the best efforts of the veterinary team, one of the kittens passed away within a matter of minutes.

However, Hazel was determined not to give up. “She weighed under 80 grams,” Katerina recalls, “and I had to provide her with food every few hours, uncertain of whether she would survive.”
After a few days, the tiny kitten developed an umbilical infection and Katerina tirelessly worked to nurse her back to health. However, she remained uncertain of the kitten’s chances for the next couple of weeks. Recognizing the symptoms of fading kitten syndrome, Katerina decided to seek professional help and took Hazel to the veterinarian.

However, Hazel remained determined not to give up. Katerina’s affection for the little kitten undoubtedly played a crucial role in its survival. Katerina expresses her joy in witnessing Hazel peacefully drift off to sleep in her hands. Despite the overwhelming stress, Katerina was unwavering in her commitment to keeping Hazel alive.

The calico kitten’s condition gradually improved over the course of a few weeks, and it began to experience growth. brimming with happiness, Katerina joyfully comments, “With heaps of affection from both me and my partner, this little diva managed to overcome and thrive in the end.”

As Hazel continues to mature, she is becoming even more delightful. Take a look at her on CatRescue901:

The adorable little kitten is now five weeks old and cuter than ever! One of her favorite things to do is cuddle up with her mom until she drifts off to sleep. She is just the sweetest!

Don’t you think Hazel is absolutely charming?

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