“From Backyard Stray to Pampered Purr-fect Pet: A Kitty’s Rags to Riches Tale”

Kitten Found During Hot Weather in Backyard is Now Living It Up as Spoiled Kitten

A little feline who was discovered in a backyard during a heatwave is now enjoying the high life as a pampered kitty.

tiny fluffy pocket kitten

Lavender, the little kitty, was born in a backyard but her fate changed when a kind stranger rescued her from the scorching heat. Haley Waugh, from the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, shared the heartwarming story of how Lavender was left all alone in the blazing sun after her mom and siblings disappeared. A shelter officer rushed to her rescue and brought her into safety. At just a few weeks old, Lavender required constant care and bottle feedings to thrive.

sassy kitten

Discovered in a backyard all alone during a scorching summer day, Haley Waugh stumbled upon this little bundle of fluff. Despite her small size, she exuded confidence and feistiness, showing her fierce nature through hissing and spitting at the unfamiliar faces and scents around her. However, with a bit of grooming and some nourishment, the kitten began to adjust to her new surroundings. Unafraid to use her tiny claws and deliver mini swats, she made sure to make her presence known.

pocket kitten fluffy

Haley Waugh was the perfect fit to be the dedicated caretaker for the needy kitten, as she had just experienced the loss of two special fosters. When a coworker showed Haley the kitten in need of care, she knew right away that she would be taking her home to foster.

adorable kitten in pocket

Haley Waugh carefully placed the kitten in the pocket of her overalls, where it immediately settled in and relaxed in its new makeshift carrier. Feeling the gentle beats of her foster mom’s heart, the kitten was happy to be a pocket companion. Though initially hesitant and vocal with hisses, everything changed the next day when the kitten understood that Haley was there to provide nourishment and love.

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Haley affectionately named the kitten Lavender and is dedicated to showering her with love and care. She brings Lavender to work so she can stick to the busy feeding routine and always keeps her close to make sure she is well looked after.

kitten in pocket overalls

Haley Waugh shared, “Whenever she hears me calling out to her, she instantly becomes alert and starts making her way towards me, all puffed up and excitedly trying to grab her bottle.” This adorable kitten even shows her happiness by wiggling her ears while eating and gulps down her milk with great enthusiasm.

bottle feeding kitten

Haley Waugh’s foster kitten, Lavender, is truly thriving and showing impressive progress in a short amount of time. Each day, Lavender’s sweet and loving personality shines through even more, bringing lots of happiness to her foster mom. From eagerly crying for food when she wakes up to peacefully purring herself to sleep, Lavender never fails to bring joy to those around her.

happy fluffy kitten

Haley Waugh
Under the loving care of her foster mom, Lavender is blossoming into a confident, curious, and potential leader of the pack.
“She’s already showing such a sweet and inquisitive nature. She’s constantly exploring her surroundings and seems to always have her eyes on me.”

fluffy grey kitten lavender

Haley Waugh
Not only is Lavender packing on the pounds, but she’s also getting fluffier by the day. It’s predicted that she’ll blossom into a gorgeous grey feline with adorable tufts in her ears.

tiny pocket kitten

Currently, Lavender is relishing all the attention and pampering from her humans, loving every moment of being doted on around the clock.

fluffy grey kitten hair

Haley Waugh is the author of this text.

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