Fluffy Approval: Cat Tonto Claims His Owner’s Girlfriend with Face-Sprawling Sealed Stamp

In today’s dating world, finding a partner can be a challenge, but for us cat parents, it’s even tougher. Not only do we have to meet someone who meets our standards, but they also have to pass the test of our feline companions. And let’s face it, making a cat happy is no easy feat!

When you do find that special someone who your cat adores, it’s a major victory. Khaled experienced this firsthand when he introduced his Bengal cat, Tonto, to his girlfriend. Despite his initial worries, Tonto took a shining to her right away. To learn more about their heartwarming relationship, keep reading!

photo of cat lying on woman's head

In the video shared on his
YouTube channel, it’s evident that
his Bengal furball is completely taken with his girlfriend!
Not only does he give her his seal of approval, it appears that Tonto has declared her as his territory.
You can witness
Tonto comfortably lounging on her face,
showing no intention of budging. And to add to that, he’s also
kneading his paws
– a true gesture of feline love!
close-up picture of a woman and a cat

close-up photo of woman and a cat

Source: YouTube

In the video, Tonto seems content as he cuddles up, purring happily with a big smile on his face. His girlfriend appears to be completely comfortable with their new feline companion. Watch the video to see for yourself!

This heartwarming video has surpassed 2 million views, with people from all around the globe pouring out their love in the comments section. One viewer humorously remarked, “A well-trained human is one who remains uncomfortable but refuses to budge.” Another jokingly added, “Your new girlfriend seems quite content. Good choice, human!” It’s safe to say that Tonto is absolutely smitten with his new companion!

cat and woman cuddling


Did you find this video as heartwarming as I did? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s have a conversation about it!

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