Feline Abandoned at Shelter Surprises Staff with Hidden Needs in the Shelter

A few months back, a sweet dilute calico cat was left in a carrier outside of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. The staff at the shelter were surprised to find a note attached to the carrier explaining that the cat, named Pricilla, needed a new home as her previous owner could no longer care for her. Despite the circumstances, Pricilla was in good health and showed a strong desire for human affection. The staff immediately took her in and she quickly proved to be a friendly and loving feline.

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The shelter staff at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue found a stray cat abandoned at their doors, and they decided to call her Pricilla. During her initial visit to the vet, they were shocked to learn that Pricilla was pregnant. The staff performed an ultrasound and discovered that she was facing serious complications. They were thankful to have found her in time to provide the care she needed.

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Right from the start, Pricilla had a warm and affectionate bond with the staff and volunteers at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Following a critical surgery that saved her life, this resilient cat and her little ones – a white, an orange, and a calico kitten – successfully pulled through. Pricilla began her recovery journey in a nurturing foster home, caring for her adorable trio named Snap, Crackle, and Pop. She was grateful to have found a caring family to look after her and a cozy spot to snuggle up with her precious kittens.

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The shelter workers were taken aback when they found out she was expecting. However, she proved to be a dedicated and loving mother, ensuring her kittens were well-fed and looked after. Her foster family pitched in by providing food, keeping track of the kittens’ growth, maintaining a clean environment, and giving her endless support and praise. They all marveled at how she embraced their help and took such great care of her precious little ones.

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Pricilla underwent a life-saving emergency operation that not only saved her own life but also that of her kittens, thanks to the efforts of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. After the surgery, Pricilla showed her babies unwavering love by showering them with affection while cuddling with them during naps and quickly responding to their every sound. Whenever visitors came by, she eagerly showed off her little ones, bringing joy to the room with her radiant “smile” and stealing hearts with her kind and friendly nature.

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She had three tiny furballs named Snap, Crackle, and Pop, under the care of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.
“She’s a sweet cat who can’t get enough cuddles.”
As the kittens continued to grow in their temporary home, their energetic and lively characters began to emerge as they grew out of their weaning stage.

sweet calico cat nursing kittens

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
Priscilla started hanging out more with her humans, enjoying their company. Once the kittens were old enough to venture out on their own, they found loving homes in no time.

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Pricilla decided it was time to leave her days of being a mom behind and bask in the spotlight of her new family. She didn’t linger at the shelter for too long, quickly charming her way into the hearts of a wonderful family at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

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Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
It was a team effort from the compassionate staff who discovered Pricilla and her kittens outside to the dedicated volunteers who nurtured them, all working together to ensure they found their perfect forever home.

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Wolf Brother Animal Rescue

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