“Feathered Frenzy: Kevin Hart dons chicken suit as Tiffany Haddish spices up fight scene amidst sex tape extortion turmoil”

Kevin Hart wore a giant chicken suit on the set of his movie Night School, where he filmed a fight scene with Tiffany Haddish. Despite his current troubles, he seemed fully committed to his role as he promoted the fictional restaurant Christian Chicken.

Cluck off: Kevin Hart donned a giant chicken suit while shooting Night School in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday

Kevin Hart sported a massive chicken costume while filming Night School in Atlanta, Georgia recently. He was spotted twirling a sign that said “Heavenly Taste,” possibly one of the various odd jobs his character takes on in the movie. The film follows his character as he enrolls in adult classes to prepare for the GED exam. Despite the comical outfit, Hart managed to snap a selfie of himself with his iPhone. Meanwhile, Tiffany Haddish, looking business-ready in a pinstripe skirt, joined Hart for a lively scene where they appeared to be in a scuffle. At one point, things got so intense that Haddish even used her belt on Hart for added hilarity.

Selfie: The 38-year-old comedian was sure to take a selfie while wearing the ridiculous costume

Selfie: The 38-year-old funnyman made sure to snap a quick selfie while dressed in a hilarious costume.

It seems like the comedian has been dealing with some personal struggles recently, as the woman he was caught in a sex tape with has come forward to speak to DailyMailTV.

During the interview with DailyMailTV, Montia Sabbag revealed that she had intimate relations with the actor, who is married to his pregnant wife Eniko Hart, three times in Las Vegas in August.

Sabbag opened up about the trip and the subsequent extortion attempt, which led to Hart publicly apologizing to his wife and children for a ‘poor decision in judgment.’

Yummy: He held a sign that red Heavenly Taste as he promoted a fictional chicken restaurant

Delicious: Brandishing a sign that read Divine Flavors, he advertised an imaginary chicken eatery.

Cooling off: Between takes he took off the chicken's head and unbuttoned the top of the outfit

Cooling off: Between takes he took off the chicken's head and unbuttoned the top of the outfit

Taking a breather: In between shots, he removed the chicken’s head and loosened the top of his costume.

Hearty: The sign for Christian Chicken read 'Praise be to God & Chicken' for the shoot

Excitedly: The Christian Chicken sign proudly displayed the message ‘Praise God & Chicken’ during the photo shoot. Additionally, the 26-year-old debut reveals that the private video was recorded during the daytime when Hart was sober, and not in the late hours while intoxicated.

Sabbag shares that she and Hart engaged in an ‘intimate’ relationship just hours after landing in Las Vegas on a private jet. They, along with a small group of friends, flew from Los Angeles to Nevada on August 19 and partied nonstop for three days.

The aspiring actress insists that she was unaware of Hart’s marital status, as he made no mention of being married. She recalls how the comedian showed her a lot of attention and ended up having three sexual encounters during their time together.

Here comes trouble: Tiffany Haddish joined Hart for an energetic fight scene in a parking lot

Trouble rolled in as Tiffany Haddish teamed up with Hart for a lively brawl in a parking lot.

Whooped: The 37-year-old Girls Trip actress removed her belt and spanked Hart with it

Thrashed: The 37-year-old star of Girls Trip playfully took off her belt and gave Hart a playful smack with it.

Contact: The two battled in what is sure to be a hilarious scene in the film, out in 2018

Communication: The duo engaged in a humorous encounter that is expected to bring lots of laughter when the movie is released in 2018. Sabbag shared, “I had three intimate encounters with Kevin over the span of about three days. It was a delightful experience,” she reminisced during the interview scheduled for Monday broadcast. “We simply vibed well together, sharing laughs. He’s funny, but I’m even funnier. There was a natural connection between us, a chemistry that just clicked. It was enjoyable, no attempts at romantic gestures, just an instant connection.”

Flipping the bird: Both Haddish and Hart had fun giving each other a one finger salute on set

Raising a finger: Haddish and Hart enjoyed playfully teasing each other with a gesture on the movie set.

Kung fu poultry: The movie revolves around a group of misfits who have to attend adult classes in so they can pass the GED exam

The plot of Kung Fu Chickens follows a quirky bunch of outcasts who must enroll in adult education courses in order to prepare for and ultimately pass the GED test.

Knockout: Haddish appears to win the scuffle as another man who appears to play a manager attempts to break things up

Haddish emerges victorious in the fight, with another man who seems to be a manager stepping in to stop the scuffle.
Sabbag, a self-proclaimed makeup artist and recording artist from Los Angeles, was part of a girl group called New View when she was just 17 years old.
However, her brief taste of fame didn’t last long, and she found herself back in reality soon after.
Despite denying claims of being a stripper and stating that she worked as a bartender at a strip club in Las Vegas before relocating to LA, a recent leaked video from that period shows Sabbag showcasing her skills on the pole.

In bad taste: Kevin has found himself in the middle of a sex tape and extortion scandal in the past month

In a scandalous turn of events, Kevin has recently become embroiled in a controversy involving a sex tape and extortion.

Oops: This week Montia Sabbag told DailyMail TV that she had sex with the Get Hard actor, who is married to pregnant Eniko Hart, three times in Las Vegas in August

Oops: This week Montia Sabbag told DailyMail TV that she had sex with the Get Hard actor, who is married to pregnant Eniko Hart, three times in Las Vegas in August

Whoopsie: In a recent interview with DailyMail TV, Montia Sabbag revealed that she had intimate encounters with the actor from Get Hard three times during a trip to Las Vegas in August, despite his marriage to Eniko Hart, who is currently expecting.

Sabbag says she became 'intimate' with Hart hours after she jetted to Las Vegas from LA with him on a private jet on August 19. She spent three days with Hart at his suite

Sabbag shared that she got to know Hart on a more personal level just hours after arriving in Las Vegas with him on a private jet from LA on August 19. She spent three days in his suite during her trip. This unexpected turn of events happened when a friend invited her to join a group trip to Nevada. Initially staying at the Venetian hotel, they later switched to The Cosmopolitan where she crossed paths with Kevin. She had no idea he would be on the same flight and found him to be a charming and attractive gentleman, rather than being starstruck by his presence.

Sabbag said: 'He was with his friends. I thought he was cute, he's an attractive man, but I wasn't star struck or anything like that, it was super casual, he was a gentleman, a nice guy'

Sabbag mentioned that she met him while he was hanging out with his friends. She found him good-looking and appealing, but she wasn’t overly impressed or starstruck. It was a laid-back encounter, and she noted that he was polite and a pleasant person to chat with.

Keeping it light: Hart didn't seem too worried by his current situation as he goofed off between takes

Keeping it light: Hart didn't seem too worried by his current situation as he goofed off between takes

Staying carefree: Hart appeared unfazed by his present circumstances as he playfully entertained himself in between filming sessions.

Hart publicly apologized on September 16 over the scandal to his pregnant wife Eniko and his two children from a previous relationship

Hart made a public apology on September 16 to his pregnant wife Eniko and his two children from a previous relationship, acknowledging the scandal that had rocked his personal life. He tied the knot with Parrish on August 13, 2016, and the couple is eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child, a baby boy.

Upon seeing Hart’s sincere Instagram apology, Sabbag was taken aback. She felt a mix of emotions, primarily confusion, as she believed he was insinuating that she was the one behind the scandal. The reality was quite the opposite, as Sabbag knew she had done nothing wrong and did not engage in the behaviors mentioned in Hart’s video. She made this clear from the moment she received the initial phone call and further emphasized her innocence by seeking legal representation.

Looking good: Here Montia is seen during her interview for DailyMailTV

Dressed to impress: Montia is pictured during her interview with DailyMailTV. Sabbag has enlisted the services of renowned Los Angeles civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom to manage the case.

The plot of Night School centers around a group of misfits who find themselves attending adult classes to prepare for the GED exam. The idea for the film originated from Hart, who is not only acting in it but also producing it under his Hartbeat Productions label in collaboration with Will Packer through his Will Packer Productions company.
Joining the main cast are Mary Lynn Rajskub, Tiffany Haddish, Yvonne Orji, and Taran Killam. The highly anticipated movie is scheduled for release on September 28, 2018.

Costume change: Hart looked relieved to slip into something a little more comfortable

Change of outfit: Hart seemed happy to trade in his formal attire for something more relaxed and cozy.

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