Expressing Gratitude: A Tribute to the Woman Who Welcomed Stray Kittens into Her Home

Cat 'Thanks' Woman Who Opens the Door for Her Kittens After She's Lived Outside All Her Life

One feline showed gratitude to the kind woman who opened the door for her kittens, after spending her whole life living outdoors.

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Iluna, known as the cat mom, is a dedicated volunteer at Kat Zoekt Thuis, an animal rescue organization in Belgium. She was alerted about a new cat in a cat colony who was not feral but incredibly shy. Despite her timidity, it was clear that she was pregnant and in need of food and shelter for her upcoming litter.

After gaining the cat’s trust over the course of a week, the feeder was able to safely transport her to Iluna’s place in a carrier. Iluna, also known as @fosterkittehs_be, was happy to provide a safe haven for the pregnant cat and her babies in need of a loving home.

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The black-and-white feline named Luna was really scared when she first came to her temporary home as a foster cat. She was feeling very stressed and anxious due to all the changes in her life. I provided her with a peaceful and cozy area to unwind, along with all the time she needed to destress.
“She was used to people, but being indoors was definitely new to her. We suspect she used to be a stray cat and was likely abandoned when they noticed she was pregnant,” I mentioned. “She was in rough shape, very thin, covered in dirt, and had scratches all over her nose.”

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Ane from @fosterkittens_be gently cleaned Iluna’s eyes and nose, treated her infection, and assured her that she was now in a safe place. Gradually, Iluna became more comfortable with her indoor surroundings and even allowed Anne to net her, enjoying the soothing vibrations of her purr motor for the first time.
“It took some time for Iluna to warm up to us, but once she discovered the vieш from the big window, everything changed. I believe that was the moment she realized she was in a secure environment. She spent hours perched on the window sill during the first week,” Anne revealed to Love Meow.

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At the foster home of @fosterkittens_be, a clever strategy was employed to get Iluna, the shy kitty, to start using the litter box. By placing it on a raised platform, Iluna was more inclined to use it, as she seemed to prefer things that were higher up. Over time, the sweet Iluna began to show signs of affection towards her foster mom. One day, she even approached Anne and gently head bumped her face, a gesture that seemed like a way of saying thank you for allowing her to stay.

According to Anne, Iluna really enjoyed having her pregnant belly rubbed. Initially, she would only eat if someone was petting her, but after a few days, she started to eat on her own. It’s heartwarming to see the progress Iluna has made in opening up and trusting her caretakers.

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Iluna showed her appreciation to her foster mother by giving her head bumps. When she went into labor two weeks after being taken in by her foster caretaker, she was grateful for the comfortable nest and loving human companion. The delivery went smoothly, with Iluna allowing her caretaker to sit next to her during labor.

According to the foster caretaker, Iluna is one of the best cat moms they have ever seen. She is attentive and caring, unlike some new moms who can be a bit clumsy and accidentally lay on top of their babies. This never happens with Iluna, as she is always careful with her kittens. Check out a cute video of Iluna and her kittens below.

Iluna the feline and her litter of kittens are the stars of a heartwarming video on YouTube. According to the narrator, she is incredibly gentle with her babies, always keeping a watchful eye on them. If a curious kitten strays too far, Iluna quickly corrals them back to safety. Thanks to her attentive care and endless love, the kittens are thriving and growing rapidly.

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One proud mama cat recently welcomed a litter of adorable and healthy kittens into the world. The foster caregiver shared, “She’s quite protective of her little ones! I can sit near them and observe, but I can’t touch them. It can be a bit challenging for me to monitor the kittens, but thankfully, Iluna takes care of most of the duties.” Follow @fosterkittens_be for more heartwarming updates on this furry family!

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At foster kitkats_ig, in the coming weeks, the kittens will begin to discover their footing and engage in playful activities. Once they are old enough and no longer nursing, Iluna will be able to step back and spend quality time with her human companions, indulging in her favorite pastimes.

cat nursing kittens

At @fosterkittens_be, Iluna is ensured a future without having to fend for herself outdoors. Once she completes her maternal responsibilities, she will undergo spaying and be happily adopted into a loving family to enjoy the remainder of her days.

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Hey there! Don’t forget to spread the word about this heartwarming tale. Stay tuned for more updates on Iluna and Anne’s adorable foster kittens over on Instagram @fosterkittens_be. In case you missed it, there’s a related story about a kitten found in a field who cuddles with a young man and refuses to leave his side.

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