Exploring Jennifer Lopez’s Flawless Moves in Stylish Black Leather Shorts in NYC, as Fans Praise Her Latest Film “Embrace the Now”

Jennifer Lopez flaunted her toned legs as she exited a recording studio in NYC last Friday. The 54-year-old singer, known for hits like Let’s Get Loud, rocked a stylish ensemble comprising of black leather shorts, a cream cowl neck sweater, and a faux fur coat. Standing in front of a van featuring the logo of her latest album and film This is Me…Now: A Love Story, JLo looked effortlessly chic. She completed her look with sheer black stockings, towering black platform heels, a sleek low ponytail, statement gold earrings, and ombré lens sunglasses. Amid her packed schedule, she also chatted with Apple Music Radio host Ebro Darden and Ja Rule about her various projects. The multi-talented star’s day was punctuated by the release of her self-funded movie on Amazon Prime Video, receiving glowing reviews from her adoring fans.

Jennifer Lopez showed off her dancer's legs while leaving a recording studio in New York City on Friday

Jennifer Lopez flaunted her toned legs as she exited a music studio in the bustling streets of New York City last Friday.

The movie received a respectable 75% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, while fans who watched the $16 million film gave it a high 90% rating.
Inspired by her rekindled romance with husband Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez’s film and album have garnered praise from fans. One enthusiast described it as a “true masterpiece” that offers a refreshing departure from typical movies. They praised Lopez for creating a unique and engaging experience that combines music videos, movies, and love stories.
Another fan noted the infectious nature of the project, highlighting its campy visuals and unexpected twists. Additionally, fans of Lopez’s music and dance style will appreciate the familiar elements in “This is Me…Now,” which features catchy new songs alongside classic J. Lo tunes.
A third commenter reflected on Lopez’s portrayal of love as a hopeless romantic, emphasizing the strength and resilience required to pursue love despite setbacks. On the other hand, film critics had a less favorable opinion, criticizing the film as self-indulgent and overly autobiographical. Several publications rated it as low as two out of five stars, with some condemning it as a wasteful vanity project.

The Let's Get Loud singer, 54, wore tiny black leather shorts with a cream cowl neck sweater and faux fur coat

The well-known singer shined in her latest outfit, pairing small black leather shorts with a cozy cream cowl neck sweater and a faux fur coat.

JLo paired her shorts and sweater with sheer black hose and sky-high black platform shoes as she posed in front of a van with the logo for her new album and movie This is Me...Now: A Love Story emblazoned on it

JLo rocked a trendy look by combining her shorts and sweater with stylish sheer black stockings and towering black platform heels. She struck a pose in front of a van adorned with the logo for her upcoming album and film, titled This is Me…Now: A Love Story.

She wore her hair slicked back into a sleek low ponytail and accessorized with large gold earrings and sunglasses with ombre lenses

She styled her hair in a chic low ponytail and finished off her look with oversized gold earrings and sunglasses featuring gradient lenses.

During her busy day the star also joined Apple Music Radio host Ebro Darden and Ja Rule to chat about her projects

Throughout her hectic schedule, the celebrity took some time to join Apple Music Radio host Ebro Darden and Ja Rule for a casual chat about her latest projects.

She smoldered for the cameras while posing for photos inside the studio

She exuded confidence and charm as she struck poses for the cameras in the studio.

The trio posed for a snap together

The three of them smiled together for a photo.

Lopez posed amid a sea of flowers as she dished on her latest projects

Lopez was surrounded by a colorful array of blooming flowers as she shared updates on her current endeavors.

Jennifer made a triumphant return to her hometown of the Bronx to attend a screening of her film with her mother

Jennifer had a joyful homecoming as she headed back to her roots in the Bronx to watch her movie at a special screening event alongside her mother.

She looked stunning in a sleeveless navy blue jumpsuit and flowing robe from a vintage DKNY collection

She appeared absolutely gorgeous in a sleeveless navy blue jumpsuit paired with a flowy robe from a classic DKNY line.

She covered her lustrous locks with a black ball cap. The jumpsuit was backless

She hid her shiny hair under a black baseball cap. The jumpsuit had an open back.

She accessorized with layered necklaces

She added a touch of style by wearing multiple necklaces at once.

According to Benjamin Lee from The Guardian, although Jennifer Lopez is a delight to watch in the film, there are multiple themes that make the overall movie feel rushed and disorganized. Empire gave the film a three out of five stars, calling it a “pretty audacious hour-and-a-bit.” Critic John Nugent expressed that much of the film may leave viewers scratching their heads in confusion.

Despite accusations of being a vanity project, “This Is Me… Now: A Love Story” was self-financed and deeply personal to Lopez. However, such criticisms are deemed meaningless by some. As one reviewer put it, it’s no surprise that Lopez would embark on a flashy and extravagant project rather than something more modest. This film offers a wild and crazy glimpse into the mind of a superstar, and viewers should appreciate the opportunity to experience it, even if only in a limited capacity.

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