Exclusive Photos: Katy Perry’s Playful Summer Stroll in Venice Turns into a Marilyn Monroe-Inspired Moment, Followed by a Charming Gondola Ride with Fiancé Orlando Bloom and Baby Daisy Dove

Katy Perry, alongside her fiancé Orlando Bloom and their adorable 10-month-old daughter Daisy Dove, continued to soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Venice on Wednesday. The couple, who have been basking in the sun and savoring the picturesque scenery since the weekend, embraced the rich Italian culture during their outing. In a serendipitous moment, the 36-year-old singer unintentionally channeled the iconic Marilyn Monroe as they strolled along the canal. Katy looked effortlessly radiant in a delightful yellow floral mini dress, which gracefully swirled with the gentle breeze. However, she had to adjust her skirt momentarily, revealing a playful glimpse of her underwear.

All a flutter: Katy Perry suffered a Marilyn Monroe moment as her summer dress fluttered in the breeze while out and about in Venice on Wednesday

Oops! The garment caught in the wind while out by the canal

Katy Perry experienced a Marilyn Monroe-like mishap when her summer dress got caught in the wind while she was strolling around Venice. However, she gracefully handled the situation, reminiscent of the famous Hollywood actress’s iconic moment during the filming of The Seven Year Itch in 1954. Marilyn’s white dress famously billowed up as she walked over a subway grate in Manhattan. While not as legendary, Katy managed to keep her attire in check. She donned a lovely yellow dress with a square neckline and accessorized with gold jewelry, white sneakers, and a straw hat.

Family trip: Having been enjoying the sunshine and scenery of Venice since the weekend, Katy and Orlando Bloom were out and about on Wednesday once again, taking in the Italian culture with their daughter

Family Vacation: After basking in the glorious sunshine and captivating views of Venice for a few days, Katy and Orlando Bloom ventured out once more on Wednesday to immerse themselves in the rich Italian heritage, accompanied by their precious daughter.

Some like it hot? Katy, 36, inadvertently emulated Marilyn Monroe, right, during a walk along the canal as her summery yellow floral mini dress caught the breeze, with the singer having to adjust it before flashing her underwear

Mirror image: Katy's was not quite as memorable as Marilyn's famous encounter in  1954 [pictured]

Enjoying the heat? Katy, a 36-year-old woman, unintentionally channeled Marilyn Monroe, who was captured in a photo in 1954, while strolling along the canal. Her vibrant yellow floral mini dress swayed with the breeze, prompting her to make some adjustments to avoid revealing her undergarments.

Iconic: Marilyn's famed moment happened while filming The Seven Year Itch in 1954. The starlet's white dress famously flew up while she walked across a subway grate in Manhattan

Legendary: Marilyn’s unforgettable occurrence occurred during the production of The Seven Year Itch in 1954. The renowned actress’s ethereal gown gracefully ascended as she gracefully strolled above a subway grate in the heart of Manhattan.
Nailing the look: Katy skillfully regained her composure, effortlessly owning her ensemble. Her vibrant yellow dress boasted a chic square neckline, flawlessly complemented by her selection of gold accessories, crisp white sneakers, and a trendy straw hat.

Treating themselves: Katy enjoyed a spot of shopping with Orlando

Cosy: He held hands with his wife-to-be as they strolled around the sunny streets

Indulging themselves: Katy had a delightful shopping outing with Orlando, their hands clasped together as they leisurely walked through the sunlit streets. Orlando, known for his role in The Lord Of The Rings, donned a cream t-shirt, khaki slacks, and a stylish stone baseball cap. To shield his eyes from the bright weather, he wore sunglasses and completed his look with a flashy watch. Accompanying them on their outing was one of their dogs, a white poodle that Orlando welcomed into their family after the unfortunate loss of his beloved dog, Mighty, in July of last year. The disappearance of Mighty devastated the actor, and he tragically discovered him lifeless a week later.

Puppy love: The were joined on the excursion by one of their dogs - the white poodle Orlando acquired after losing his former dog, Mighty, last July

Love for a furry friend: During their trip, they were accompanied by a canine companion – a beautiful white poodle named Orlando. After the loss of his previous loyal companion, Mighty, in July, Orlando had found a special place in their hearts.

Cute: The actor was left bereft when Mighty vanished and was understood to be found dead seven days later. In November, he was seen with a new puppy

Adorable: The actor was devastated when his beloved pet, Mighty, disappeared without a trace and sadly, it was later confirmed that Mighty had passed away after a week. However, in November, he was spotted with a charming new puppy.

Dog people: Katy also has a dog - a teacup poodle, called Nugget - who is also on the trip but remained back at the hotel

Stroll: The couple took in the sights as they wandered the alleys of Venice

Dog lovers: Katy is a proud owner of a delightful teacup poodle named Nugget, who, unfortunately, stayed behind at the hotel while they embarked on the trip.
Informal: Dressed in a relaxed cream T-shirt, accompanied by khaki slacks and a stylish stone baseball cap, the talented actor from The Lord Of The Rings effortlessly shielded his eyes from the sun with a pair of trendy shades. To complete his ensemble, he flaunted a sleek watch that added a touch of pizzazz.

Trio: The couple returned to their plush hotel where they collected their daughter, to take her on a gondola ride on the water

The duo made their way back to their luxurious hotel to reunite with their daughter and treat her to a gondola ride on the water. In the month of November, he surprised everyone by appearing with a new puppy, while Katy, who also owns a teacup poodle named Nugget, had left her furry friend back at the hotel. As they strolled along the dock, fans eagerly gathered on the banks, hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous couple and eagerly waving at them. Katy, with Daisy securely nestled against her chest in a papoose, followed closely behind Orlando as they embarked on their outing.

Fans: As they headed along the dock, fans spotted the famous couple, gathering on the banks to catch a glimpse and give them a wave

Fans gathered along the dock, eagerly waiting for the famous couple to appear. They stood by the water’s edge, hoping to catch a glimpse of the beloved duo and show their support by waving excitedly.

Excursion: Katy held Daisy close to her chest as she carried her in a papoose

Leading the way: Orlando was seen striding on ahead of them

Excursion: Katy tightly embraced Daisy in a papoose, while Orlando confidently walked ahead of them.
Loving mother: Katy arrived to pick up Daisy, keeping her close as they made their way towards a waiting boat.
The couple is enjoying their vacation in Italy alongside their close family members, and they are staying at the exquisite Aman Hotel, which costs nearly €5,000 [£4,300] per night for a luxurious suite.
Situated within one of Venice’s historical palazzos on the Grand Canal, known as the Palazzo Papadopoli, the Aman Hotel offers breathtaking views of the nearby lagoon and the iconic Grand Canal that winds its way through the heart of Venice.
Renowned for its elegant waterfront setting, the hotel takes pride in creating an atmosphere of opulence and comfort, truly capturing the essence of the serene city, La Serenissima.

Once on the boat: Katy was seen playing with the adorable tot, playing peekaboo.

During playtime, Katy and her daughter had a fun time engaging with each other, while Orlando enjoyed the beautiful views of the city from the boat.

Spared no expense: The couple are on the Italian getaway with other members of their close family

Fancy: They are staying at the stunning Aman Hotel - which is nearly €5,000 [£4,300] a night for a suite

The couple is currently enjoying a luxurious Italian vacation with their close family members at the extravagant Aman Hotel, which costs almost €5,000 [£4,300] per night for a suite. The hotel offers a range of suites, apartments, and palazzo chambers, each beautifully decorated with a unique style. Throughout the hotel, guests can admire Rococo works of art, contemporary interiors by Jean-Michel Gathy, and rare private gardens, which are a true gem in Venice.

The Rooms and Signature Rooms are particularly noteworthy, featuring stunning works by renowned Italian artists such as Sansovino, a celebrated architect from the 16th century, and Tiepolo, a famous painter from the 18th century. The luxurious ambiance of these rooms is enhanced by silk wall coverings, elegant chandeliers, rich wood paneling, and exquisite chinoiserie wallpaper and gilded ceilings.

Since their arrival in this beautiful Italian destination, the couple has been immersing themselves in the picturesque sights and experiences it has to offer. Katy recently took to Instagram to share a collection of candid photographs with her fiancé, capturing the joy and beauty of their time together.

Stunning: The hotel takes great pride in its ability to embrace luxury and coziness, representing all that is lavish and enticing about the charming city of La Serenissima.

Exclusively, The Aman is situated within one of Venice’s remarkable historical palaces on the Grand Canal – the Palazzo Papadopoli, which dates back to the 16th century.
Earlier today, Orlando also shared some candid photos on his Instagram account from their vacation, captioning them with ‘[pizza] dump and a kiss under the bridge for good luck.’
In the pictures, the couple can be seen happily posing for a beautiful selfie, followed by a romantic display of affection with a kissing snapshot.
Not long ago, Katy expressed her admiration for her partner’s parenting skills, not only when it comes to their own daughter but also with his son Flynn from a previous relationship.
During an interview with the latest issue of L’Officiel USA earlier this month, the singer praised Orlando’s role as a father, stating, ‘I had the privilege of witnessing his incredible fatherhood.’

Views: Known as one of the most distinguished waterfront locations, the hotel offers views over the nearby lagoon and the city's famous Grand Canal, which snakes through the heart of Venice

Stunning: The accomodation offers a variety of suites, apartments and palazzo chambers. Each boasts a unique, but throughout the hotel you'll find Rococo works of art, contemporary Jean-Michel Gathy interiors, and private gardens – a rarity in Venice

Description: Renowned for its picturesque waterfront setting, this hotel provides unparalleled vistas of the adjacent lagoon and the iconic Grand Canal that gracefully winds its way through the enchanting city of Venice.

Extravagant: The acclaimed Rooms and Signature Rooms showcase masterpieces from renowned Italian artists, such as the architect Sansovino from the 16th century and the painter Tiepolo from the 18th century.

Loved up: Only recently, Katy gushed about her other half for the way he treats their daughter

Doting parents: She also spoke about how Orlando is with his son Flynn, from a previous relationship

Recently, Katy expressed her admiration for her partner’s parenting skills, not only towards their daughter but also towards his son from a previous relationship, Flynn. She praised his dedication, effort, and the distance he goes to be there for his son. This played a significant role in her decision to choose him as the father of her future children. Katy was drawn to his kindness, empathy, care, and tenderness, qualities that she actively pursued. As this is Orlando’s first daughter, it has brought about a unique and profound emotional connection for him. Katy is extremely grateful to have him in her life, as he consistently shows up for her and their children in an extraordinary way.

Katy and Orlando joyfully welcomed their daughter, Daisy, in August 2020, following their engagement announcement 18 months prior. Orlando proposed to Katy on Valentine’s Day in 2019. In an interview with Vogue India, she shared her admiration for their “spiritual journey” and described Orlando as being like “a saint.”

In addition, Katy revealed that her relationship with her child has filled a void she had been seeking to fill. Through the love and bond she shares with her daughter, she has found the unconditional love she had always longed for.

Lovely: Katy Perry took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a collection of candid snaps

A grand old time: The sunny climes have proven perfect for the Meditteranian getaway

Adorable: Katy Perry, the famous singer, delighted her fans by posting a series of candid photographs on her Instagram account yesterday.

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