Exclusive Photos: Katy Perry shows off her stunning curves in a chic swimsuit while soaking up the sun on a luxurious yacht with Orlando Bloom on their getaway to Positano.

Katy Perry was absolutely stunning during her beach getaway in Positano, Italy with her fiancé Orlando Bloom. The 37-year-old singer rocked a chic black swimsuit while soaking up the sun on a luxury yacht with Orlando, 45, and a group of friends. Adding a touch of glamour, she wore a silver chain necklace and stylish brown rectangular sunglasses to shield her eyes from the dazzling sunshine.

Stunning: Katy Perry looked sensational as she enjoyed a sun-filled beach trip with her fiancé Orlando Bloom in Positano, Italy, on Sunday

Wow! She appeared to be having the time of her life as she frolicked in the sea

Gorgeous: Katy Perry dazzled as she soaked up the sun on a beach outing with her partner Orlando Bloom in the beautiful town of Positano, Italy, over the weekend.

Beach trip: The American singer, 37, flaunted her incredible figure as she sported a black swimsuit while joined by Orlando, 45, and a group of their pals for a luxury yacht trip

Beach Adventure: The 37-year-old American singer flaunted her stunning physique in a black swimsuit while enjoying a luxurious yacht trip with her fiancé, Orlando, and a group of friends. Katy displayed her sun-kissed body as she took a refreshing dip in the crystal clear sea with Orlando by her side. The couple looked happy and carefree as they laughed and talked while playing in the ocean. Katy was spotted wearing a chic black midi dress over her swimsuit while strolling barefoot on the beach with Orlando. She kept her face shaded from the sun with a stylish straw hat and had her brunette hair pulled back in a casual bun, later letting her damp locks flow freely over her shoulders after her swim.

Couple: Katy showed off her sun-kissed physique as she cooled off with a quick swim in the crystal clear sea with her actor fiancé Orlando

Pair: Katy flaunted her bronzed body while taking a refreshing dip in the pristine ocean alongside her soon-to-be husband, actor Orlando.

Splashing around: She accessorised her beachwear ensemble with a silver chain necklace

Stylish: She shielded her eyes from the bright sunshine with a pair of brown rectangular sunglasses

Enjoying the water: She added some flair to her beach outfit with a shiny silver necklace and shielded her eyes from the sun with a stylish pair of brown rectangular sunglasses.

Swimming: The couple appeared at ease as they splashed around together in the sea

Swimming: The pair looked relaxed and comfortable as they frolicked in the ocean together.

Figure: He showed off his muscular frame as he went shirtless during his workout

Ouch! Orlando seemed to be massaging a muscle after his workout

Swimming: Orlando was seen doing breaststroke while Katy splashed around alongside him

At the pool, Orlando gracefully glided through the water with his breaststroke technique, while Katy joyfully splashed around beside him.

Picturesque: Katy looked sensational in her swimwear

Accessories: Katy sported a silver bracelet and necklace with her stunning beachwear attire

Accessories: Katy rocked her beach look with a silver bracelet and necklace to complement her stunning outfit.

Italian getaway: Orlando was seen working out while Katy enjoyed a dip in the sea during their holiday

Sea: Katy looked sensational as she walked out of the sea after a swim

While on their Italian vacation, Orlando and Katy were spotted enjoying some leisure time on the beach. Katy took a refreshing dip in the sea while Orlando was seen working out. Katy looked stylish in a white midi dress, white sandals, and a crochet hat, while Orlando kept it casual in white shorts and a red and green striped T-shirt. He shielded his face from the sun with a beige baseball cap and brown sunglasses, opting to go barefoot on the sandy beach. Later, Orlando flaunted his toned physique while weight-lifting on a luxurious yacht with a friend.

Fun times: The pair appeared to be in jovial spirits as they smiled and chatted to one another while frolicking around in the ocean during their day out

Having a blast: The duo looked happy and carefree as they grinned and talked to each other while playing in the water during their beach day.

Relaxing: Katy and Orlando appeared to be having the time of their lives during their sun-soaked holiday

Wow! Katy showed off her enviable figure as she stripped down to a one-piece for a swim

Chilled out: Katy and Orlando seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves on their sunny vacation, soaking up the sun and making the most of their time away.

Balmy: Katy soaked up the sun as she lay back in the sea

Katy enjoyed the warm weather as she relaxed in the ocean, basking in the sun’s rays.

Muscular frame: Orlando later showed off his ripped physique as he went shirtless while weight-lifting on the lavish yacht as he was joined by his friend

Shirtless: He showed off his physique as he lifted weights while soaking up the sun on the yacht

Orlando flaunted his toned body on the luxurious yacht by going shirtless and lifting weights with a friend. Katy looked stunning in a black one-piece, showcasing her amazing figure while putting her damp brunette hair into a chic low bun.

Sun-soaked: He showed off his bronzed figure as he went shirtless

Working hard: Orlando appeared to be struggling as he kept up on his fitness regime

Putting in effort: Orlando seemed to be putting in a lot of work as he maintained his fitness routine.

Pals: Orlando went shirtless as he was seen chatting to his pal as they lifted weights and worked out on the luxury yacht

Buddies: Orlando decided to go without a shirt while having a conversation with his friend as they lifted weights and exercised on the lavish yacht.

Good look: Katy once again showed off her incredible style

Stunning: Katy was the picture of elegance during the trip where she showed off her natural good looks

Absolutely gorgeous: Katy exuded pure sophistication on the journey, effortlessly showcasing her innate beauty.

Family: During the Covid-19 lockdowns, the pair welcomed their firstborn daughter Daisy Dove, who will celebrate her second birthday this week

The couple had their first child, Daisy Dove, during the Covid-19 lockdowns and she is turning two this week. Recently, they enjoyed a sunny yacht trip, with the actor sporting beige trousers and a dusty blue T-shirt paired with white sliders. Katy expressed her desire to have more children with her fiancé Orlando in the future.

Amazing: They had an incredible time in Positano as they continued their relaxing holiday

Fantastic: The couple enjoyed a wonderful experience in Positano while unwinding on their vacation.

Gorgeous: Katy appeared extremely relaxed as she floated in the ocean and cooled off with a quick dip

Beautiful: Katy looked completely at ease as she drifted in the sea and refreshed herself with a refreshing swim.

Swimming: Katy and Orlando were seen chatting and swimming in the ocean during their beach trip on their holiday

During their holiday beach trip, Katy and Orlando were spotted enjoying a leisurely swim in the ocean while engaging in conversation.

Chic: Katy was also seen with a strapped black midi dress draped over her one-piece while walking barefoot across the beach alongside her fiancé

Beachwear: She shielded her face from the sun with a wide-brimmed straw hat and styled her brunette tresses in a low bun

Stylish: Katy was spotted strolling barefoot on the beach with her fiancé, wearing a black midi dress with straps that elegantly flowed over her one-piece outfit.

Crystal clear: They were seen splashing around in the glistening sea during their Italian getaway

Sparkling clear: As they enjoyed their vacation in Italy, they were spotted playing in the shimmering waters of the sea.

Beach trip: Katy looked sensational in a black one-piece as she enjoyed a dip in the sea

Beach escapade: Katy appeared stunning in a sleek black swimsuit while taking a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Style: Meanwhile, Pirates Of The Caribbean star Orlando kept it casual in white shorts with a red and green stripe up the side, and a white long-sleeved T-shirt, which he wore as he went for a dip in the sea

Balmy: He shielded his face from the rays with a beige baseball cap and a pair of brown square sunglasses while he opted to go barefoot as he walked across the beach

Orlando Bloom, known for his role in Pirates Of The Caribbean, opted for a laid-back look as he sported white shorts with a stylish red and green stripe, paired with a white long-sleeved T-shirt. He took a refreshing swim in the ocean while sporting this relaxed beach attire.

Sun-kissed: Katy soaked up the sun as she enjoyed a dip in the crystal clear ocean in Positano

Basking in the warmth of the sun, Katy reveled in the refreshing waters of Positano’s crystal-clear ocean.

Loved-up: They appeared to be as smitten as ever during their holiday

Picturesque: Katy and Orlando looked incredible as they stepped out of the sea following their sun-filled swim

Absolutely stunning: Katy and Orlando appeared absolutely breathtaking as they emerged from the ocean after their sun-drenched swim.

Beauty: Katy accessorised her beachwear look with a silver chain necklace and sunglasses

Barefoot: Katy went barefoot as she walked in the shallows

Beauty: Katy rocked a chic silver chain necklace and stylish sunglasses to enhance her beach outfit.

Vacation: The couple, who became parents to their first child Daisy Dove in August 2020, seemed completely in love during their vacation.

During an interview with People, Katy, 37, mentioned that they might consider expanding their family in the future. “I’m a planner, so who knows what will happen,” she stated.

Reflecting on the experience of welcoming Daisy during the pandemic, Katy said, “Having a child during COVID was unique because everything else came to a halt. I cherish the moments I spend with my daughter now.”

Katy and Orlando currently reside in Montecito, Santa Barbara, where they are part of a group of high-profile celebrities.

Montecito is home to notable names like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle.

Relaxing: Katy appeared to be having the time of her life as she kicked back and floated in the ocean

Chilling in the ocean, Katy looked like she was absolutely loving life, basking in the moment and soaking in the sun.

Smitten: Katy and Orlando appeared to be as loved-up as ever as they grinned and chatted while swimming in the ocean

Enamored: Katy and Orlando seemed completely smitten as they smiled and talked while enjoying a dip in the ocean together.

Fun times: The couple splashed around in the crystal clear ocean during their sun-soaked holiday

Good times: The pair frolicked in the pristine sea water as they enjoyed their sunny vacation.

Working out: Orlando styled his long dark locks in a loose fashion as he worked hard lifting weights during the lavish yacht trip

During the fancy yacht trip, Orlando sported a casual look with his lengthy black hair styled in a relaxed manner while he hit the gym and lifted weights.

Exercise: Orlando and his friend were seen striking a series of poses during their workout regime

During their workout session, Orlando and his friend were spotted striking various poses.
Katy and Orlando got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2019, where he proposed with a ring valued at $5 million.
The following year, she gushed about Orlando’s spiritual journey and referred to him as a saint in an interview with Vogue India. She described him as an anchor who grounds her and keeps her real.
After the birth of Daisy, Orlando sparked attention by admitting to The Guardian that he and Katy were not having enough intimacy due to being new parents.
During the same period, Orlando gained attention for sharing details about his morning routine, including practicing “eye gazing” with Daisy, which led to some teasing from the public.

Family: Their latest holiday comes after Katy (pictured when she was pregnant with her first child Daisy Dove) gushed that she would 'of course' like to have more children with her fiancé Orlando

Family: Katy and Orlando enjoyed a recent vacation together, following Katy’s expression of interest in expanding their family in the future. Katy, who was seen pregnant with their first child Daisy Dove in a previous photo, said she would definitely be open to having more children with Orlando.

He also talked about envisioning new opportunities for himself and others, particularly for minorities and women, and how practicing Buddhism helps him stay grounded and focused on the right path.

Daisy is Katy’s first child, while Orlando has a son named Flynn, who is 11 years old, with his former spouse Miranda Kerr. Miranda is now happily married to Snap Inc. co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel.

On the other hand, Katy was previously married to Russell Brand, with whom she had a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony in 2010 at a tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan. Their marriage lasted for only 14 months before they parted ways in 2011, with Katy describing their relationship as tumultuous during an interview with 60 Minutes Australia.

Romantic: Katy and Orlando (pictured in September 2021) have been engaged since Valentine's Day 2019 when he proposed with a ring that was reported to be worth $5 million

Lovebirds Katy and Orlando, shown in a photo from September 2021, have been betrothed since Valentine’s Day in 2019 when he popped the question with a ring rumored to cost a whopping $5 million.

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