“Exclusive Melbourne Event: Katy Perry Takes the Stage for Australia’s Elite Politicians and High-flying Millionaires at Lavish Estate Party”

Anthony Albanese was among the high-profile guests who were invited to a luxurious VIP party hosted by an Australian billionaire at his mansion in Melbourne. The exclusive event featured a private performance by pop superstar Katy Perry, with a guest list that included Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan, former premier Dan Andrews, federal Climate Change minister Chris Bowen, and US ambassador Caroline Kennedy.

Despite facing a gauntlet of protestors outside the mansion, the 220 guests were able to enter the prestigious event, which was heavily guarded by both state police and private security. The historic Raheen estate in Kew, where the party was held, is estimated to be valued at over $100 million.

The celebration was in honor of the food and beverage industry, which is a key client of the hosting billionaire’s packaging company Visy. As attendees arrived, protestors advocating for the release of Australian journalist Julian Assange and a ceasefire in Gaza made their voices heard.

After being seen at Taylor Swift 's Sydney show on Friday night in the company of her friend Rita Ora, Katy Perry played a private concert on Saturday in Melbourne. A guest is pictured arriving

Following her appearance at Taylor Swift’s Sydney show alongside her friend Rita Ora on Friday night, Katy Perry took the stage for a private concert in Melbourne on Saturday. Attendees were spotted arriving at the event.

The show was attended by 220 people, including political elites such as Anthony Albanese. Two guests are pictured arriving

220 people, including prominent political figures like Anthony Albanese, were in attendance at the event. Two guests can be seen in a photo as they arrive.

There was a heavy security presence - both state police and private guards - around the Raheen estate, due to protestors such as those pictured, calling for Julian Assange to be freed

Protestors gathered around the Raheen estate demanding the release of Julian Assange, causing a high level of security with state police and private guards present to maintain order.

There were also traffic restrictions to allow drop offs such as as the one pictured

Additionally, temporary traffic regulations were put in place to facilitate drop-offs, similar to the one shown in the image.

With only 220 guests invited to the exclusive party, getting your name ticked off (pictured) was vital

Being able to have your name checked off the guest list (as shown in the picture) was crucial, especially with just 220 invitees at the private party.

Everybody attending got dressed up in their best clothes, including these arrivals

All the guests made sure to dress to impress, with each arriving in their finest attire.

Given the warm weather, open toed shoes, such as the ones this woman is wearing, were popular

With the warm weather, sandals and open-toed shoes like the ones seen on this woman were quite popular. There was a banner that read ‘honk for Assange’ and some passing cars actually honked in response. The crowd chanted phrases like ‘Don’t be a Pratt, free Julian Assange’ and ‘Welcome to Prattville, where is Julian?’.

Around 7:30 pm, about 20 protesters advocating for a Free Palestine cause started making noise outside by chanting and banging on pots and drums. However, the party inside, hosted by comedian Vince Sorrenti, continued with full enthusiasm. The event was attended by prominent politicians as well as business figures like ANZ head Shayne Elliott, Allan Myers, and Michael Chaney among others.

Katy Perry, who reportedly earned $1.5 million for a private concert that night, took the stage at 9:22 pm. She kicked off her performance with a cover of ‘What A Wonderful World’, remarking, ‘It sure is, isn’t it.’ Perry thanked the audience for having her and expressed her joy in being there. Videos shared on social media captured the US star singing her popular hits like ‘Smile’, ‘Roar’, and ‘Firework’ to the delight of the VIP guests.

Anthony Pratt owns the heritage listed mansion that is located in Kew and believed to be worth at least $100million

It is said that Anthony Pratt is the proud owner of the extravagant mansion in Kew, which holds a heritage listing and is estimated to have a value of over $100 million.

Katy Perry (pictured)  reportedly earned $1.5million for the one night only private concert

Katy Perry, as shown in the picture, is said to have made $1.5 million for performing a private concert for one night only.

As well as the big name politicians, guests from the business world included ANZ head Shayne Elliott, Allan Myers, Michael Chaney, Jack Cowin, Sir Rod Eddington, Ashok Jacob and Roger Corbett. A woman is pictured arriving

In addition to prominent politicians, notable figures from the business community, such as Shayne Elliott from ANZ, Allan Myers, Michael Chaney, Jack Cowin, Sir Rod Eddington, Ashok Jacob, and Roger Corbett, were also in attendance. A female guest can be seen arriving at the event in the photograph.

When a few people arrived together (pictured) a queue built up to have their names confirmed on the guest list

When a group of individuals arrived at the event together, a line formed as they waited to have their names checked off the guest list.

Some guests, such as those pictured, were deep in conversation as they arrived for the show

As captured in the image, a few attendees engaged in lively discussions while making their way to the event.

Perry came onstage at 9.22pm and started set with a cover of What A Wonderful World. A guest is pictured

Perry appeared on stage at 9:22 pm, kicking off the set with a soulful rendition of “What A Wonderful World”. A special guest was also captured in a photo during the performance.

Many high heels and expensive looking handbags (pictured) were seen at the event

Numerous elegant high heels and luxury handbags were spotted at the occasion.

In videos posted on social media the US star sang her many of her own hits too in the hour show show, including Smile, Roar and Firework, to the delight of the VIP audience. A guest is pictured arriving

The American singer showcased her talent by performing a variety of her popular songs during a live concert streamed on social media. The VIP guests were thrilled to hear her sing hits like Smile, Roar, and Firework. A photo captures one of the guests arriving at the event.

Melbourne performer DJ Femme was also on the bill in the $20million mansion and said it was an incredible, amazing and stunning event'. The woman pictured looks very happy to be attending the show

DJ Femme, a Melbourne artist, was among the performers at the extravagant $20 million mansion event, describing it as an awe-inspiring and magnificent experience. The woman in the photo seems absolutely delighted to be a part of the show.

The most senior guests, such as Anthony Albanese, entered the property at a second gate about 100m from the main driveway and away from the protesters. A guest is pictured at the main entrance

Prominent attendees like Anthony Albanese arrived at the $20 million mansion through a separate entrance, avoiding the demonstrators gathered near the main driveway. Meanwhile, Melbourne artist DJ Femme expressed her excitement about performing at the luxurious event, describing it as “incredible, amazing, and stunning.” She mentioned the extensive preparation involved, including setting up a marquee, a stage, and a kitchen to cater to the guests. Fans of Katy Perry also lingered outside the property, eager to catch a glimpse of the pop star and enjoy the free show.

The pro-Palestine protestors remained outside Mr Pratt's mansion well into the night

The supporters of Palestine stayed outside Mr. Pratt’s residence late into the evening, demonstrating their solidarity.

Pro-Palestine protestors demanded a ceasefire in Gaza on Saturday night

On Saturday night, demonstrators supporting Palestine called for an end to the fighting in Gaza.

A guest was spotted leaving as pro-Palestine protestors demonstrated outside

As pro-Palestine protestors gathered outside, a visitor was seen departing from the premises.

A group of guests leave the mansion with a heavy police presence spotted at the front entrance

As the guests depart from the grand estate, they notice a large number of police officers stationed at the front entrance.

Police maintained a heavy presence outside the Raheen estate as pro-Palestine protestors gatecrashed the event

Law enforcement officers were stationed outside the Raheen neighborhood in large numbers as demonstrators supporting Palestine crashed the gathering.

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