Exclusive Interview: Creator of Entourage, Doug Ellin, Dives into His Bengal Companion

Tex the Bengal on Doug Ellin's movie set chair from Entourage

Bengal cat Tex on Doug Ellin's movie set chair

Doug Ellin petting his Bengal cat Tex

Doug Ellin watching TV cuddling with his Bengal

Tex the Bengal chilling outside in Doug Ellin's backyard

Doug Ellin relaxing outside with his Bengal

Doug Ellin's chilling on the sofa with his Bengal

Doug Ellin's Bengal stretching on the kitchen countertop

Doug Ellin's German Shepherd and Bengal on the bed

Doug Ellin with his Bengal Tex in bed

Doug Ellin's German Shepherd and Bengal in the kitchen

Tex is Doug Ellin's Bengal cat

We are all aware that Bengals are truly spectacular creatures. They possess incredible personalities and striking looks, which is why this breed is a favorite among celebrity cat enthusiasts. I had the opportunity to chat with a prominent cat owner in the film industry about his Bengal and the impact the feline had on his life.

Doug Ellin is a well-known American screenwriter, producer, and director, famous for his successful comedy-drama series, Entourage. The show aired for 8 seasons on HBO and was later adapted into a film in 2015. Ellin, originally from Brooklyn, graduated from the American Film Institute in 1994. His noteworthy work includes the documentary “When the Garden Was Eden” and movies like “Kissing a Fool” and “Bad Santa 2.”

How many pets do you own, and do they get along?
DOUG ELLIN: I have a German Shepherd and a Bengal named Tex. The Shepherd enjoys hanging out with the Bengal, but Tex isn’t interested. He makes it clear to the Shepherd that he needs to keep his distance, and the Shepherd respects that.

Why did you choose these specific pets and opt for a Bengal?
DE: I had never heard of Bengals until my girlfriend showed me pictures. The cheetah has always been my favorite wild animal, and the Bengal resembles a cheetah, so we decided to get one on the same day.

What has your Bengal taught you about life?
DE: I’m not entirely sure what my Bengal has taught me about life, but I’ve seen a different side of cats that I never knew existed.

What is the most appealing aspect of having a Bengal?
DE: Bengals exhibit more dog-like behavior than I ever thought a cat could.

Have you attempted to train your Bengal?
DE: I haven’t formally trained him, but he naturally fetches and comes back.

Has anyone in your circle fallen in love with Bengals after meeting yours and eventually adopting one?
DE: Several of my friends have gotten Bengals because of Tex. They are all impressed by his friendly nature, athleticism, and overall demeanor.

Doug Ellin's Bengal cat on the keyboard

Have you ever had trouble writing with a Bengal cat around? My writing partner, a Bengal cat, makes it difficult for me to work at home as he loves sitting on the keyboard or on me. He always wants to be close to me, so sometimes I have to move him to another room to get some work done.

One of the biggest challenges with my Bengal cat is keeping him indoors. He’s quite the escape artist and always tries to sneak out, even though there are dangerous coyotes around. When I’m gone for a few hours, he gets upset and literally yells at me, following me around for twenty minutes, meowing loudly.

I’m passionate about animal rights and have been involved with various animal charities. My Bengal cat, Tex, inspired a funny scene in the Entourage movie where a character punches a framed picture of a Bengal kitten. I thought it would be ironic for the character to hit the cutest, most innocent animal possible, and Tex fit the bill.

Currently, I’m working on a few projects that don’t involve Bengals, but you never know what the future holds. I recently produced a documentary called Charged, which follows the incredible journey of chef Eduardo Garcia who was electrocuted in Montana. While Bengals don’t appear in the film, Eduardo has met my Bengal cat.

If I could be an animal, I’d choose to be a Cheetah for their speed and grace. Like a Cheetah, my Bengal cat embodies those qualities but in a smaller form. It’s clear from the way I talk about him that I have a special bond with Tex, who is playful, intelligent, and always wants to be by my side.

Aside from Tex, I also have a German Shepherd and foster kittens to help them find loving homes. Animals are a big part of my life, and I actively support animal charities to promote animal rights. Celebrity or not, we all love our pets and consider them as part of our family. In Hollywood, just like in any other home, pets play a significant role in our lives and bring us joy and companionship. Like many other Bengal cat owners, my relationship with Tex is unique and special, showing how important the bond between pets and their humans truly is. I’m grateful for the chance to share how life with a Bengal cat in Hollywood looks like!

Doug Ellin with his Bengal cat on his shoulders

Photo credits to Doug Ellin’s Instagram account for all the images.

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