Exciting News: Jennifer Lopez to Embark on a Spectacular Tour! World-renowned singer, Jennifer Lopez, gears up to captivate 30 cities with her sensational “This Is Me…Now The Tour” starting in June.

Jennifer Lopez made a big announcement on Thursday morning regarding her upcoming tour. During her appearance on the Today show, she revealed that she will be embarking on the This Is Me… Now tour, which will commence in June and wrap up on August 31. This tour is in support of her latest album, film, and documentary, all of which were inspired by her deep affection for her new spouse, Ben Affleck.

Jennifer will be traveling to over 30 cities throughout North America, including popular destinations like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Boston, and New York City. This will mark her first tour in 12 years, with her last studio album being released back in 2014, titled A.K.A.

The eagerly anticipated tour will offer fans the chance to grab tickets starting from Tuesday, February 20, during a special JLo Fan Club pre-sale at 9 am local time. Be sure to mark your calendars and take a glance below for the complete list of tour dates.

Jennifer Lopez announced her new tour on Thursday morning. While on the Today show, the siren said she is doing her This Is Me... Now tour that will kick off in June

Jennifer Lopez revealed exciting news about her upcoming concert tour during her appearance on the Today show. With a radiant presence, she enthusiastically announced the launch of her much-anticipated This Is Me… Now tour, scheduled to commence in June.

She was seen with the Today cast which included Carson Daly, Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb

She was spotted alongside the Today show crew, comprising of Carson Daly, Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, and Hoda Kotb.

It is in support of her new album, film and documentary that was inspired by her love for new husband Ben Affleck

She is promoting her latest album, movie, and documentary, all of which were influenced by her deep affection for her new spouse, Ben Affleck.

Here she is seen waving to fans as she headed into NBC Studios on Thursday; she had on Yvonne Léon jewelry

In this photo, she can be seen enthusiastically greeting fans as she enters the NBC Studios on Thursday. Her outfit was adorned with Yvonne Léon jewelry, giving her a touch of elegance. In anticipation of the general release, there will be additional pre-sales held throughout the week. These pre-sales will give fans an opportunity to secure tickets before they become available to the public on Friday, February 23 at 10am local time via TicketMaster.com.

Her fashion choice for the day included a fuzzy purple jacket paired with a black ensemble. In her hand, she carried a luxurious crocodile Hermes Birkin bag, completing her stylish look. However, it was her plaid hat that stole the spotlight, becoming the center of attention.

This exciting news comes shortly after she hinted at the possibility of embarking on a tour. During a recent interview, she expressed her belief that her upcoming record would be best experienced in a live setting. She passionately described her desire to bring these songs to life on stage, emphasizing the need for a grounded and authentic performance. Her team understood her vision and supported her in realizing it.

Expressing her enthusiasm for touring, she emphasized her belief that there is nothing more fitting for a live experience than this record. While she hasn’t made any official announcements regarding a tour, she eagerly looks forward to performing this music for her fans. Jennifer’s last major tour was the ‘It’s My Party Tour’ in 2019, where she delighted audiences in various countries such as the US, Canada, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Spain, and Egypt.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she also hinted that this could potentially be her final album, adding an air of bittersweetness to her upcoming release.

She will visit more than 30 cities across North America, it was added. It will be her first tour in 12 years and her last studio album was 2014's A.K.A.

According to the announcement, she is set to make appearances in over 30 cities throughout North America. This upcoming tour marks her long-awaited return after a hiatus of 12 years, with her last studio album being released back in 2014 under the title A.K.A.

The mother to twins Max and Emme stopped to sign autographs for fans

The mom of twins, Max and Emme, took a moment to graciously provide her signature to adoring fans.

The Bronx native wore a purple jacket and all black outfit with an Hermes Birkin bag

Sporting a purple jacket, a Bronx local effortlessly rocked an ensemble composed entirely of black attire, effortlessly adding a touch of luxury with an exquisite Hermes Birkin bag.

She also flashed her toned tummy on Instagram

In addition to flaunting her well-toned midsection on Instagram, the talented artist behind the chart-topping hit “On The Floor” has openly discussed her latest album, slated for release this Friday, as a significant turning point. Jennifer Lopez, also known as J.Lo, describes it as the “end of an era” while simultaneously marking the “beginning of a new one.” Taking her admiration for her fans into consideration, Lopez and her team have gone the extra mile by producing a variety of album covers, aiming to provide fans with exclusive collector’s items. These special editions are intended to be cherished indefinitely. However, despite the excitement surrounding the soon-to-be-released project, Lopez confesses that she is unsure if she will ever create another album in the future. This album, she adds, truly encapsulates the essence of what it means to be Jennifer Lopez and fulfills her artistically on a deep level.

Earlier this week, Lopez has shared that This Is Me... Now could be her last ever album

Recently, Lopez has revealed that her latest musical offering, This Is Me… Now, may potentially mark the end of her illustrious discography.

The On The Floor hitmaker, 54, has admitted her new record - which is all about her relationship with Hollywood actor husband Affleck , 51, and drops on Friday - feels like an 'end of an era' and the 'beginning on a new one

The popular singer behind the hit song “On The Floor,” who is now 54 years old, openly acknowledged that her upcoming album is a significant milestone in her career. The new record, set to be released this Friday, revolves around her relationship with her Hollywood actor husband, who is 51 years old. She expressed that this album feels like the culmination of an era while marking the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

In reference to the potential finality of this studio collection, she jokingly mentioned not wanting her manager and collaborator, Benny Medina, to know her thoughts on the matter. However, she did confess that this might possibly be her last album ever. Elaborating on her decision, she stated that she believes it is the conclusion of a significant period in her life, but she would never completely rule out the idea of making more music in the future. Nevertheless, she emphasized the fact that she poured her heart and soul into this project and feels proud and excited about it, while acknowledging the immense effort it required.

The upcoming album, titled “This Is Me… Now,” serves as a continuation of her previous album released in 2002, aptly named “This Is Me… Then.” As such, it holds not only personal meaning but also marks a progression in her artistic journey. She hinted at the possibility of these albums becoming treasured collectibles in the future.

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