“Eniko Hart Dazzles in a Stylish Bikini on a Speedboat Adventure to Lunch in Capri with Kevin”

Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko decided to have some fun under the Italian sun in Capri over the weekend. The 42-year-old funnyman sported a stylish blue and black floral print shirt paired with matching shorts, while his 37-year-old wife flaunted her curves in a revealing nude-colored string bikini, accessorized with brown sunglasses and gold bracelets.
Once they arrived at their destination, the couple indulged in a delightful outdoor lunch consisting of pasta, salads, and a bottle of red wine on a picturesque wooden pier.
Eniko later shed her long orange cover-up and enjoyed her meal in her barely-there bikini, soaking up the beautiful surroundings.

Boat day: Kevin Hart and his curvy wife Eniko took some time off for fun in the sun on Sunday in Capri, Italy.

Luxury lady: She flashed her diamond rings and long manicured nails in a soft pink as she sipped on a 7Up

Day on the water: Famous comedian Kevin Hart and his wife, Eniko, enjoyed a relaxing day out at sea in Capri, Italy. Eniko showed off her stunning diamond rings and perfectly manicured nails painted in a pretty shade of soft pink while sipping on a refreshing 7Up.

Day on the sea: The 42-year-old comedian wore a blue and black floral print shirt and the 37-year-old model had on a very revealing string bikini in a nude color

A day at sea: The 42-year-old funnyman sported a blue and black floral-print shirt, while the 37-year-old fashion model rocked a revealing nude string bikini. Eniko looked incredibly fit, flaunting her cleavage in a daring triangle top and showcasing her curvy behind in a micro thong bottom. She accessorized with diamond rings, gold bracelets, and perfectly manicured nails painted in a soft pink shade. Her brunette locks were pulled back, and she shielded her eyes with stylish brown tortoiseshell sunglasses.

The couple appeared to be relishing a rare day without their little ones, Kenzo Kash and Kaori Mai, ages four and one, respectively. Kevin has taken a break from filming his latest project, ‘Lift,’ a Netflix comedy heist film currently in production in Venice.

Despite tying the knot back in 2016, Kevin and Eniko looked like newlyweds in the photos, completely enamored with each other. The comedian doted on his gorgeous wife, treating her to a boat ride to the Lo Scoglio eatery in Capri.

Movie break: The two looked to be very happy as they seemed to make the most of a rare day off without their kids. Together they have Kenzo Kash, age four, and Kaori Mai, age one

Taking a break from their busy schedules, the couple appeared joyful as they enjoyed a rare day off from parenting duties. Their adorable children, Kenzo Kash, who is four years old, and Kaori Mai, who is one year old, were nowhere to be seen as the couple savored some quality time together.

Shapely siren: Eniko seemed to be in the best shape of her life as she showed off her chest in the triangle top that left little to the imagination. The star added micro thong bottoms that highlighted her round derriere

Stunning Eniko looked absolutely fabulous, flaunting her toned figure in a triangle top that accentuated her chest. She paired this with micro thong bottoms that showcased her shapely derriere.

Shades: Her brunette hair was pulled back and she wore brown tortoise shelled framed sunglasses while she spoke with one of the boat attendants

Sunglasses: With her hair tied back in a brunette style, she sported trendy tortoise shell sunglasses as she chatted with a boat attendant. The couple appeared relaxed and completely smitten as they savored a delicious Italian meal on the picturesque island, showering each other with affectionate hugs. A sweet peck on the cheek was also spotted between them. Eniko turned heads as she stood up in her swimsuit at the restaurant, showcasing her well-toned physique.

Chill time: Kevin has been taking some time off from filming his new movie Lift, a comedy heist film from Netflix

Relaxing Break: Kevin is currently enjoying a well-deserved break from shooting his upcoming movie “Lift,” a comedic heist movie produced by Netflix.

A cool cover up: The beauty also had on a long orange beach coverup that went nicely with her bikini

She was also rocking a stylish long orange beach cover-up that perfectly complemented her bikini.

Snapping away: Eniko seemed to be taking photographs with her iPhone as her hair was pushed around by the wind

Eniko was busy capturing moments on her iPhone, her hair being tousled by the breeze. Kevin Hart and Eniko have two children together, Kenzo aged four and Kaori aged one. Additionally, Kevin is a father to Heaven, 17, and Hendrix, 14, from his previous marriage with Torrei. The actor started filming for Lift in Northern Ireland in late March before the production relocated to Venice. Lift, as described on IMDb, follows a female master thief and her former boyfriend as they collaborate to steal $100 million in gold bullion being transported on a 777 passenger flight. The movie also features a star-studded cast including Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Oli Green (Sienna Miller’s boyfriend), Úrsula Corberó, Paul Anderson, Billy Magnussen, Vincent D’Onofrio, Viveik Kalra, and Yunjee Kim in undisclosed roles.

PDA: Kevin and Eniko seemed like newlyweds in the snaps, even though they said 'I do' in 2016

PDA Alert: Despite tying the knot in 2016, Kevin and Eniko still exuded newlywed vibes in the photos.

No diets  here: They enjoyed pasta and bread as they opened a bottle of sparkling water that they drank out of wine glasses

No restrictive eating plans in sight: They indulged in pasta and bread while sipping on sparkling water from wine glasses.

I will take some red after all: And Eniko was also seen downing some red wine that went well with the pasta

In the end, I decided to have some red wine too. Eniko was spotted enjoying a glass of red wine along with her pasta.

Checking his wife out: The comedian gave all his attention to his beautiful wife as they dined atthe Lo Scoglio restaurant in Capri

Admiring his partner: The funnyman couldn’t take his eyes off his lovely spouse while enjoying a meal at the charming Lo Scoglio eatery in Capri.

Dining in her bikini? She took off her cover up and seemed to dine with just her bikini one which might be a thing in Capri

Eating in her swimsuit? She casually removed her wrap and enjoyed her meal in just her bikini, a common sight in the trendy destination of Capri.

Making a point: Kevin seemed to point to his lady love as she stood up next to a Poseidon statue

Getting the message across: Kevin gestured towards his girlfriend as she stood beside a statue of Poseidon.

Not shy at all: Even though the fancy restaurant was full, Eniko did not seem to mind flashing her body

Unapologetically confident: Despite the crowded atmosphere of the upscale restaurant, Eniko had no qualms about showing off her figure.

That sure is some suit: This looked far from the kind of suit one would find at Target as it has strappy accents

Now that’s a fancy suit! It definitely stood out from the usual Target attire with its unique strappy details.

Many people were on the pier: It seemed as if a woman came over to say hello to the movie star and his wife

Numerous individuals were gathered on the pier, where it appeared a woman approached to greet the famous actor and his spouse.
Kevin’s next project will be the comedy film called The Man From Toronto, co-starring Woody Harrelson and Kaley Cuoco.
In a recent statement, Hart expressed his belief that stand-up comedians deserve more recognition.
He also mentioned the incident involving Dave Chappelle and stated that it was a necessary moment for the industry.
According to Kevin, such occurrences serve as a warning to others considering similar actions, deterring them from following suit.
Dave, who is 48 years old, was recently tackled during his performance at the ‘Netflix Is A Joke’ festival.

They took food to go! Kevin was seen holding a bag from the restaurant as they boarded a speed boat

They decided to get some takeout food! Kevin was spotted carrying a restaurant bag as they got on a speedboat.

Tattoos? Eniko seemed to have tattoos on her bikini line, or it could have been some accents on the swimsuit

Eniko sported what appeared to be tattoos on her bikini area, or perhaps they were simply decorative accents on her swimwear.

The power couple on the go: Kevin wore squeaky clean white tennis shoes as his spouse wore black flip flops

The power couple, Kevin and his spouse, were spotted out and about, with Kevin in his fresh white tennis shoes and his partner in black flip flops. Security guards and members of Dave’s team quickly intervened when an intruder attempted to disrupt the stage performance.

During an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, Kevin reflected on the incident, acknowledging that lines have been blurred in the current world. He commended Dave for handling the situation with grace, continuing his routine without allowing the disruption to overshadow his performance. Kevin emphasized the importance of professionalism in the face of unprofessional behavior, urging a return to respect for live entertainers.

Dave, undeterred by the incident, remained focused on his historic Hollywood Bowl show. Despite the ‘unfortunate and unsettling’ attack, he was determined not to let it overshadow the success of his performance. With a record-breaking number of shows at the Hollywood Bowl, Dave’s spokesperson highlighted the comedian’s refusal to let the incident detract from the magic of the moment.

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