Encountering the Affectionate Maine Coon Cat Who Adores Embracing Their Beloved Owner, NgocChau

Meet Tihon, the enormous Maine Coon cat who simply adores cuddling every opportunity he gets. “He enjoys lounging in my arms constantly. He dislikes being alone and always trails behind me wherever I go, even into the bathroom,” revealed Tihon’s human mom based in Moscow to Love Meow.

He possesses a calm demeanor that reflects in his name ‘Tiko,’ which means quiet in Russian. Tiko purrs in a gentle and affectionate manner, always seeking to stay close to his owner. Each day, the unique kitty with one blue eye and one hazel eye eagerly waits by the door to welcome his humans home from work. Upon their arrival, he immediately jumps into their lap for some quality cuddle time.

Even though Tihon boasts an impressive physique, he willingly lets the smaller cat be the boss in the household. Tihon seems uninterested in power dynamics and simply wants to spread love – a gentle giant who does so tirelessly, day and night.

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