Emma Watson’s Fashion Forward Ice Crushing: A Look into Her Childhood Struggles and Celebrity Insights from Vogue Cocktail Class

Emma Watson playfully crushed ice with her stylish Prada heels during a fun cocktail making session with Vogue. The talented actress, 33, joined the magazine’s Great British Taste Test series, following in the footsteps of other celebrities like Olivia Colman and Adele. As she mixed up a variety of drinks, Emma casually grilled Vogue editor Edward Enninful about gossip surrounding famous models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. She also shared memories of her childhood, reminiscing about her father making wine that was stored in her and her brother’s freezing cold room – a humorous nod to their privileged upbringing. In a moment of resourcefulness, Emma used her heels as a makeshift kitchen tool when she ran out of utensils, jokingly apologizing to Prada designer Miuccia Prada for the unconventional use of her shoes.

Emma Watson smashed ice with her Prada heels, grilled Edward Enninful on gossip and shed light on her charmed childhood during a Vogue cocktail making session

During a casual Vogue cocktail session, Emma Watson playfully crushed ice with her stylish Prada heels, engaged Edward Enninful in some lighthearted gossip, and shared stories from her enchanting childhood.

Before whisking up an Espresso Martini, a gin sour, a Bramble, a Vesper Martini alongside her brother Alex and The Emma Spritz, Emma called Vogue boss Edward to ask him about Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell

Before mixing up an Espresso Martini, a gin sour, a Bramble, a Vesper Martini, and The Emma Spritz with her brother Alex, Emma decided to give Vogue boss Edward a call to inquire about Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

Emma and her brother Alex took part in a race to make a Vesper Martini

Emma and her brother Alex decided to have a little fun by participating in a race to create a Vesper Martini. Emma started off by sharing that she had a special notebook where she kept track of all the cocktails she was planning to make, enthusiastically expressing her love for learning and taking notes.

With her strong ties to the fashion industry, she dialed up Edward, the head of Vogue, to dig into the backstory of Kate and Naomi’s connection to the famous Espresso Martini. The quirky story had Edward amused and intrigued.

During their phone conversation, Edward was stumped by Emma’s question about the origins of the Espresso Martini, which was believed to have been specially concocted for either Naomi or Kate, who supposedly requested a drink that would both energize and intoxicate them.

Despite not being able to confirm the details, Edward vowed to look into it further, intrigued by the juicy tidbit. Emma’s expertise then shifted to a different area – using her heel to crush ice for the cocktail. She playfully joked with Miuccia, the shoe designer, about repurposing her high-heeled shoe for the task, sharing her excitement about this unique approach to mixology.

Emma spoke about her father Chris' wine

Emma shared some insights into her dad Chris’ passion for wine.

Showing her links to the fashion world, she picked up her phone and called Vogue boss Edward to ask him the true story behind Kate and Naomi's links to the famed Espresso Martini - with the hilarious tale tickling him (Edward and Kate in 2017)

Edward is pictured with Naomi in 2019

She connected with the fashion industry by reaching out to Vogue’s head, Edward, on the phone. Curious about Kate and Naomi’s connection to the popular Espresso Martini, she asked him to spill the beans on the funny story, leaving him amused.

While making her Bramble, Emma was caught short with kitchen utensils so opted to use Prada heels to crush the ice and swiftly apologised to Prada designer Miuccia Prada for the multiuse of the object, which seemed to tickle her (Miuccia pictured in May)

Emma found herself without kitchen utensils while making her Bramble cocktail, so she cleverly used her Prada heels to crush the ice instead. She jokingly apologized to Prada designer Miuccia Prada for repurposing the shoes, which amused Miuccia.

Teaming up with her brother, Emma is venturing into the world of gin making using the off-cuts of their father’s wine from his Burgundy estate. During the process, she used both her own gin and the Domaine Watson 2022 Chablis, fondly referred to as ‘Papa Watson’s wine’.

Reflecting on her childhood surrounded by her father’s winemaking, Emma shared a humorous memory of having to sleep in a cold room because of the wine stored there. She mused on the irony of it being a ‘first-world problem’.

As they competed in a cocktail-making race, Emma’s brother Alex revealed her competitive nature and expressed solidarity with younger brothers who have high-achieving sisters.

In a later conversation, Emma revealed her foray into writing and directing, a passion she discovered during the pandemic. She expressed her excitement at potentially directing a project she had written and emphasized that she sees it as an expansion of her career, not a departure from acting. She highlighted the long process involved in filmmaking and the joy she finds in creating and bringing stories to life.

As they took part in a race to make a cocktail, Alex shed light on life with his sister and warned: 'Everyone is about to see how competitive Emma is... for any younger brothers coasting along who have an overachieving sister, we're in this together' (Emma and Alex in September)

During a cocktail-making race, Alex shared some insights about life with his sister Emma, jokingly saying, “Get ready to witness Emma’s competitive side… for all younger brothers out there with an overachieving sister, we’re in the same boat.” (Emma and Alex in September).

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