Embrace Your Potential: Katy Perry Shines with Baby Bump in Elegant White Dress, Inspiring ‘Dear Class of 2020’ Graduation Event

Katy Perry made sure to join the star-studded lineup of YouTube’s special event, Dear Class Of 2020, held on Sunday. The 35-year-old superstar delighted the audience with a captivating performance of her latest song, Daisies, all while proudly flaunting her pregnancy glow in an elegant white ensemble that accentuated her baby bump. This eagerly anticipated four-hour celebration was packed with incredible speeches and breathtaking performances by influential figures like The Obamas, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce, making it an unforgettable event for this year’s graduating class.

Mom-to-be: Katy Perry showcased her growing bump as she performed for the Dear Class of 2020 YouTube special, telling graduates: 'You are the future'

Expectant mother Katy Perry proudly displayed her blossoming belly while delivering a captivating performance for the exclusive Dear Class of 2020 YouTube event. With sincere words of wisdom, she addressed the graduating students, emphasizing their pivotal role in shaping the world’s tomorrow: “You embody the promise and potential that lies within each of you. Remember, dear graduates, you are the architects of our future.”

Growing bump: Katy sported a form-fitting one-shoulder white dress that hugged her new curves as she performed her new single Daisies

Katy showcased her growing baby bump in a stunning one-shoulder white dress during her performance of her latest single “Daisies.” The form-fitting dress beautifully accentuated her new curves, as she confidently took the stage. The singer, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom this summer, took a moment to address the graduating class of 2020. In a heartfelt message, she encouraged them to celebrate their accomplishments amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the world. Katy expressed her belief in their ability to make a positive impact on the future, urging them to stay true to themselves and never let anyone change who they are. With her inspiring words and radiant presence, Katy continues to inspire and uplift her fans.

Celebration: The 35-year-old singer said: 'I know you will take everything you¿ve learned to make the world a better place. Never let 'em change you'

Party: The talented singer, at the age of 35, expressed her heartfelt belief that all the knowledge gained will be utilized to improve the world. She encouraged not allowing external influences to alter one’s essence.

All white on the night: Katy looked incredible as she belted out her latest hit, with her due date fast approaching

Dressed in a pristine white ensemble, Katy captivated the audience with her mesmerizing performance of her newest chart-topper. With the imminent arrival of her baby, she radiated sheer brilliance on stage.

Wow: She looked perfectly at ease as she used the power of her voice to do good

Impressive! With complete ease, she harnessed the strength of her voice to make a positive impact. In her video, the songstress expressed her gratitude towards the former President, Barack Obama, for his words of inspiration. He acknowledged the immense achievement of graduating amidst a global pandemic and nationwide protests, acknowledging the extraordinary circumstances. The whirlwind of the past few months, undoubtedly, has been beyond imagination for the graduating class, as it deviated vastly from their envisioned final spring at school. Now, the moment has arrived.

Thanks: The singer first thanked former President Barack Obama in her video, 'for those inspiring words,' before telling the grads, 'the time has come'

Gratitude was expressed by the singer as she acknowledged the previous President, Barack Obama, in her video, appreciating his inspiring words. Furthermore, she addressed the graduates, emphasizing that the moment had arrived.

Razzle dazzle: She danced in front of a silver glitter backdrop curtain

Sparkle and shine: With grace and flair, she boogied in front of a mesmerizing curtain embellished with shimmering silver glitter.

“Now, let’s give those tassels a spin and make this occasion somewhat official,” she playfully exclaimed. “Whether you possess a traditional graduation cap complete with a tassel, or you’ve ingeniously fastened an iPhone charger onto a pizza box, this is the moment for the entire world to graduate simultaneously,” she joyfully proclaimed.

Before the grand moment arrived, a montage showcasing numerous graduates shifting their tassels was unveiled. Additionally, she offered a friendly reminder, “Remember, the tassel goes from right to left.”

Hair today: Her platinum hair was styled into vintage waves for the occasion

Presently: She had her blonde hair fashioned into classic waves for the event.

Performance: After the big moment, she started performing her new song Daisies, singing with a white microphone that matched her elegant dress

Live Show: Following the highly anticipated climax, she took to the stage to deliver a captivating rendition of her latest track, Daisies, embellishing the performance with the accompaniment of a pristine white microphone, seamlessly blending with her exquisite gown.

Firework: After the song, she stood on a large white grad cap before breaking into her hit 2010 song Firework, along with a montage of grads celebrating from their homes

Firework: Following her previous performance, she confidently stood atop a grand white graduation cap, bursting into her iconic 2010 hit, Firework, accompanied by a heartwarming montage illustrating graduates joyfully celebrating from the comforts of their own homes.
Undeterred by the spotlight, she proceeded to mesmerize the audience with her latest track, Daisies, utilizing a pristine white microphone that harmoniously complemented her graceful attire.
Concluding the song, Perry took a moment to address the graduating class, declaring, “To the Class of 2020, just like the unique narratives of your lives, this remarkable evening is merely the beginning of a grand journey.”

Former President Barack Obama said in a commencement speech that the nationwide protests following the recent deaths of unarmed black women and men including George Floyd were fueled from 'decades worth of anguish, frustration, over unequal treatment and a failure to perform police practices'

In a commencement address, ex-President Barack Obama expressed his perspective on the nationwide demonstrations that have erupted in the wake of recent tragic incidents involving the unjust deaths of unarmed black individuals, such as George Floyd. Obama attributed these protests to “long-standing anguish and frustration due to unequal treatment, as well as a lack of accountability in policing methods.”

From the heart: Beyonce delivered a truly emotional and pointed commencement address as part of YouTube's special web event

Emotion Unleashed: Beyonce’s Powerful Graduation Speech Steals the Show at YouTube’s Exclusive Online Ceremony

Meaningful: Michelle Obama also appeared with her husband and alone to speak to graduates

Significant: Michelle Obama also made appearances alongside her spouse and independently to address graduating classes.

Lighter note: Taylor Swift also shared her thoughts

On a more cheerful note, Taylor Swift has also expressed her opinions on the matter.

“We have an extraordinary celebration lined up for a worldwide graduation, featuring the incredible talents of BTS and CNCO,” she exclaimed. Playfully, she continued, “This event is dedicated to you, so kindly ask your parents to step aside for a moment. It’s your time to revel in the festivities. And now, ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to the one and only Megan Thee Stallion,” she announced enthusiastically.

In the upcoming weeks, Katy anticipates the arrival of her first child. During this time, she has been self-isolating with Orlando Bloom, his nine-year-old son Flynn (whom he shares with ex Miranda Kerr), as well as her two nieces.

Change of plans: 'My plan pre-COVID was, you know, just to keep going and put out a record in the summer until my waters break, then I was going to transition into being a mum'

Plan Update: “Before the COVID situation, my plan was to continue with my musical journey and release an album in the summertime. However, once I reached the later stages of pregnancy and my water broke, I intended to take a break and focus on transitioning into the beautiful role of a mother.”

Parents: Katy is expecting to welcome her first child in the coming weeks. She has been isolating with Orlando Bloom, his son, Flynn, nine, (who he shares with ex Miranda Kerr), and her two nieces

Katy is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first baby in the upcoming weeks. During this time, she has been staying in isolation along with Orlando Bloom, Flynn, who is nine years old and Orlando’s son from his previous marriage with Miranda Kerr, and Katy’s two nieces.

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