Disregarded at the Shelter: A Cat’s Alluring Gaze Goes Unnoticed

Late one evening, as Francisca Franken was perusing the online platform of her nearby animal shelter, an unusual feline caught her attention. The cat’s peculiar flattened face, gruff disposition, and melancholic eyes compelled her to pause her scrolling.
Enthralled by the portrait, Franken confided to The Dodo, “I was instantly smitten. I couldn’t help but chuckle initially, as the photographs were incredibly entertaining, and I had never encountered a cat quite like this before.”

In a state of eager anticipation, she wasted no time in sending a message to the shelter, anxiously inquiring about the availability of the adorable cat. The mere thought of receiving a response had her tossing and turning throughout the night, consumed by a mix of excitement and apprehension. But her fears were soon dismissed when she reached out to the shelter once again, as they were astounded by her sincere interest in adopting Bean. It seemed that the previous lack of inquiries for Bean had left them doubtful, prompting them to question whether she had mistakenly selected the wrong option or made an error in her initial contact.

Before coming to the shelter, Bean lived as a stray in a trailer park, devoid of the love and comfort of a home. Afflicted with an eye infection and various other illnesses, her suffering was palpable. However, Franken was determined to change her circumstances for the better.

One day, Franken was led by a woman into a room that exceeded all expectations. Inside, he was met with the sight of Bean, a tiny and delicate creature. With her short legs, small tail, and remarkably flat face, she was unlike anything Franken had ever seen before. Overwhelmed by a rush of emotions, tears streamed down his face. Bean defied any preconceived notions he had, and yet, she far exceeded them.

As soon as Franken brought Bean home, the cat wasted no time in expressing her gratitude to her new owner. Initially, she showered Franken with an abundance of affection and stayed by her side wherever she went. Franken recalls, “It seemed like she understood that she no longer needed to pretend or put on a facade. She knew that I would never part ways with her, even if she stopped being affectionate and endearing.” Consequently, Bean started revealing her sassy and witty personality to Franken, which the latter thoroughly enjoyed. It was refreshing to see Bean feel comfortable enough to display her true colors.

Now, Bean has become quite the companion to Franken, sharing the bed with her every night and always staying in close proximity. One interesting quirk about Bean is her undying love for olives – it’s almost like they’re her second favorite thing after her dear mother. In fact, she becomes absolutely obsessed whenever she catches even a whiff of olives or their brine.

Franken fondly recounts the first time Bean stole an olive. It happened during one of Franken’s late-night snacks when Bean suddenly appeared out of nowhere. In her excitement, Bean swiftly knocked the olive right out of Franken’s palm, effortlessly picked it up, and hurriedly scurried away to enjoy her spoils under the cozy shelter of the sofa.

Isoprenoids, found in both green olives and pimentos, have a chemical resemblance to catnip. Bean, absolutely smitten with these delectable treats, cannot contain her excitement and lets out a loud scream whenever her mother reaches for that jar of olives in the fridge.
Thankfully, cats can enjoy olives in moderation without any harm. To show her appreciation, Franken gives Bean a few olives as a special reward.

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