Discovering the Unforgettable Offspring of Kevin Hart: Delve into the Lives of Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo, and Kaori

Kevin Hart has two kids with his former spouse Torrei and an additional two with his current wife Eniko.

Kevin Hart leads a bustling life filled with a demanding career and a busy household. When he’s not captivating audiences with his comedy shows or starring in blockbuster movies like “Ride Along,” he prioritizes spending quality time with his wife and four children. The actor shares his oldest children, Heaven (18) and Hendrix (16), with his ex-wife Torrei Hart. Following his divorce from Torrei in 2011, Hart found love again with his current wife, Eniko Hart. Together, they welcomed their adorable son Kenzo (6) and their playful daughter Kaori (3).

Having four kids and a couple of furry companions at home definitely amplifies the energy and liveliness of their household. However, despite the potential chaos, Hart wouldn’t trade it for the world. Embracing the joys of parenthood, he expressed, “We absolutely adore being parents and cherish the presence of our little ones. I mean, we have teenagers and two toddlers, man. It’s the perfect balance of different ages, creating an ideal household that exceeds all expectations.”

Acknowledging the demands of his multifaceted career, Hart admitted that he had missed out on precious family moments in the past. However, the unexpected turn of events brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic allowed him to truly embrace and immerse himself in the joys of fatherhood. It provided him the opportunity to strengthen his bond with his children and savor each cherished moment.

“My job has never allowed me to be home for such extended periods of time, especially weeks on end,” he explained in a conversation with PEOPLE in January 2021. “During this pandemic, I have had the opportunity to sit down and have dinner with my family and engage in conversations with them more than ever before.”

This experience has made him appreciate and recognize the significance of certain things that he may have previously overlooked. He confessed, “I’ve realized the importance of some things that I missed out on, aspects that I didn’t value as much as I should have.”

Another pivotal moment that changed his perspective occurred after a serious car accident in 2019, which left him with significant back injuries and a lengthy recovery process. In a subsequent interview with Men’s Health, Hart disclosed that since the accident, he has been prioritizing quality time with his children.

Hart shared, “To be honest, there were many things I wasn’t doing before. Now, I’m engaging in those little moments that hold great significance. I sit with my kids before and after dinner. We establish themed food nights like Taco Tuesdays, Mexican-food Thursdays, and Chinese-food Sundays. We even have designated movie nights twice a week. And now, I’ve even taken up the responsibility of walking my dog and cleaning up after it.”

Sharing these “little things” and capturing precious moments with his children is a regular occurrence on Hart’s Instagram feed, along with an abundance of family photographs.

Now, let’s delve into the details about Kevin Hart’s four children: Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo, and Kaori.

Heaven Leigh Hart, 18 years old, is the eldest.

Hart joyfully announced the birth of his first child with his ex-wife Torrei on March 22, 2005.

It appears that Heaven has inherited her father’s sense of humor and aspires to follow in his comedic footsteps. However, Hart made a conscious decision to delay her pursuit of comedy until she turned 18.

In 2016, Hart expressed his daughter’s strong desire to become an entertainer and explained that he decided to hold her back until she reached the appropriate age. This way, they could pursue any dream they desired.

While awaiting the right moment, Heaven would entertain her father with her comedic skills. Hart shared, “My daughter, Heaven, never fails to make me laugh. She has this belief that she’s incredibly cool. She would even text and call me ‘G’ and ‘Old raggedy back Jack’ because of my back injury. It always brings a smile to my face.”

After receiving a few driving lessons from her father, Heaven successfully passed her driving test in 2021. Hart proudly documented this achievement on Instagram, posting a selfie of him and his daughter driving together. He captioned the photo, “My little girl is growing up.” To commemorate her 16th birthday, the comedian surprised Heaven with a Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV as a gift.

In February 2022, Hart shared with Ellen DeGeneres that his daughter, Heaven, expressed her desire to attend college out of state. In a lighthearted manner, Hart mentioned his attempts to sway her towards staying in Los Angeles by highlighting the superior schools in the area. However, Heaven was adamant about wanting to go to New York. Hart couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions as he witnessed his daughter growing up, as she is not only his child but also his closest friend and the person who holds his heart. The realization that the time will soon come for her to leave home is difficult for him to accept.

Their father-daughter bond goes beyond the typical familial relationship. On a special Father’s Day episode of Red Table Talk, Hart opened up to host Will Smith about how his daughter reacted to his past infidelity. Acknowledging that Heaven was tough on him, Hart recognized the importance of being accountable to each other in their relationship.

“It’s truly difficult to shake me, but when your child expresses disappointment, shows emotions, and says ‘I don’t understand why,’ and you have to engage in those conversations, that’s when my demeanor changes for the first time,” he expressed. “Suddenly, you realize there’s an emotional aspect that only your child has the privilege to touch.”

Hart continued, “And my daughter tapped into that sentiment, man. When my wife and I went through our ordeal, the whole cheating scandal… my conversation with Heaven. Damn. That was an experience like no other. Regaining my daughter’s trust. Helping her understand that I was sorry, that I made a mistake… that was genuine.”

In May 2023, Hart showcased his eldest child’s maturity by sharing photos of Heaven in her prom dress. In one snapshot, the teenager proudly wore a green gown while her dad smiled, casually dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.

“I am speechless… just pure elation,” the actor captioned the post. “My little girl looked absolutely stunning yesterday. How time flies!”

In the following month, Heaven successfully completed high school and received her graduation certificate. Her father, Hart, expressed his overwhelming pride for his daughter through a heartfelt message accompanied by a series of photographs from her graduation celebration. He encouraged her to dream big and seize every opportunity that comes her way.

During the month of August, Hart took to Instagram to express his emotions as he dropped off Heaven for her first semester at college. In a sentimental post, he shared a picture of himself with three of his children inside what appeared to be a college dorm room. Holding back his tears, Hart emphasized his pride for his daughter and commented on her incredible growth into a remarkable young woman.

Acknowledging the undeniable passage of time, he mentioned how he can no longer refer to her as his little girl. Overwhelmed with emotions, Hart confessed to crying in the car while witnessing his “baby girl” embark on her college journey. Even though Heaven’s departure brought a mix of emotions, Hart remains incredibly proud of her accomplishments.

Hendrix Hart, the son of Hart and Torrei, was born on November 8, 2007. Throughout the years, Hendrix has been a constant presence in the stand-up routines of the famous Jumanji actor. Hart affectionately refers to his son as his “best friend” and even had him serve as the best man at his wedding to Eniko in 2016.

In celebration of Hendrix’s birthday in 2021, Hart decided to treat him to a Los Angeles Lakers game. After the exciting game, Hendrix was thrilled to receive some incredible gifts from NBA players, including sneakers from the renowned Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony, as well as a jersey from Anthony Davis.

The comedian’s face glowed with pride as he congratulated Hendrix on his graduation from eighth grade.

“The most stylish and impressive child in my life… I am incredibly proud of you, my son,” he expressed, captioning a photo of Hendrix dressed in a sharp suit, surrounded by colorful balloons. “Congratulations on successfully navigating this phase of your life… there are still many more stages to come… and at the rate and speed you’re progressing, you’ll conquer all of them. I love you, champ… you make your father proud each and every day!”
Kenzo Kash Hart, aged 6.

Hart and Eniko happily celebrated the arrival of their first child, Kenzo Kash Hart, on November 21, 2017. Hart proudly took to Twitter to share the news, expressing his amazement and gratitude towards God. He joyfully announced, “Kenzo Kash Hart was born at 1:45 am, and he is already healthy and wearing a smile. Thank you all for your prayers! We truly love and appreciate you all #Harts.”

Fast forward to Kenzo’s third birthday in 2020, Hart took to Instagram to publicly acknowledge his beloved younger son and playfully revealed some of the adorable nicknames they had for Kenzo. Marking the occasion, Hart affectionately wrote, “Happy Birthday to the coolest 3-year-old in the world! Daddy and Mommy love you so much, Zo, also known as Bear, Hot feet, Heavy head, pitter pater, prince Zo, and Little Burger King because you deserve things your way.”

The love for the Philadelphia Eagles runs deep in the Hart household, especially with Kenzo, the son of Philadelphia native Kevin Hart. Recently, on January 29, 2023, Kenzo had the opportunity to attend the Eagles game against the San Francisco 49ers with his dad and older siblings, Heaven and Hendrix. It was an exhilarating game that ended with a victory for the Eagles, securing their spot in the 2023 Super Bowl.

Kevin Hart took to Instagram to share some photos from their seats, and one of them captured the adorable moment of Kenzo, sporting a Reggie White jersey, beaming with excitement. However, a few days later, the Eagles unfortunately lost the Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs. Kevin Hart shared a heartwarming video on social media, which showed him FaceTiming a tearful Kenzo. In the video, Kenzo expressed his sadness, to which Kevin Hart empathetically responded, “Daddy is sad too, but you know what, Zo? We’re Eagles fans. We’re Eagles fans till we die.”

Kevin Hart captioned the video with a tone of affection, stating, “We are Hurting in the Hart Household… Still love my city and my team!!!!! Thank you for an amazing season… We will be back next year!!!!!! My little man was crushed.” It is evident that despite the loss, the bond between father and son, and their dedication to the Philadelphia Eagles remains unwavering.

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Kaori Mai Hart, the daughter of Hart and Eniko, was born on September 29, 2020. The mother of two announced the happy news on social media, referring to her newborn as “a precious gift from heaven sent to us on Earth.”

In an interview with Extra, Hart shared his feelings about becoming a father for the fourth time and expressed his desire not to become a jaded dad. He humorously mentioned his familiarity with the delivery room routine, jokingly stating that he even took on some of the doctor’s duties. However, he admitted that the realization of being a family of six truly sunk in when they returned home and saw everyone together. Hart emphasized the importance of creating a lasting legacy within his family, regardless of whether he is present or not.

To celebrate Kaori’s first birthday, the Harts organized a pink-themed party, and it seems that she is already being influenced by her dad. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February 2022, Hart revealed that Kaori has started speaking and has even picked up some of his “bad habits.” He jokingly mentioned that her first word was “dada” and shared that she has also unintentionally said a less appropriate word. Although he is not proud of it, Hart understood that spending a lot of time together had led his youngest to imitate some of his mannerisms, but he reassured viewers that she would be just fine.

Kaori is currently in the process of learning how to use FaceTime to connect with her dad who is away for work. While she hasn’t quite mastered it yet, she’s making progress. In a recent interview with PEOPLE in July 2022, her dad, Hart, expressed how much joy she brings to his life. He mentioned that Kaori has started to talk a little bit, but on FaceTime, her new quirk is her inability to hold the phone properly. Instead, she ends up walking around with it, resulting in a chaotic and amusing experience. Despite not being able to properly show him what she wants to share, she enthusiastically runs around with the phone, wanting to show him things. Hart finds this incredibly endearing and it never fails to make him laugh. This adorable and comical aspect of their FaceTime sessions is something they both enjoy. (Source:

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