Decoding the Enigma: The Evolution of Black Cats and their Mysterious Transformation to Round, Orange Eyes with Age by NgocChau

In the picture, you can see a charming cat known as Gremlin. He sports a sleek black coat and pairs of big, round orange eyes that resemble those found in spooky films. Despite his eerie appearance, Gremlin might bring thoughts of black magic and Halloween to mind. However, contrary to those assumptions, he is nothing but a delightful and harmless feline companion.

The owners were surprised by their pet’s distinctive eyes when they first brought him home. Initially, his eyes were much lighter in color, but as he aged, they gradually transformed into their current unique appearance.

Not every black cat sports orange eyes; in fact, their eye colors vary from shades of green to hazel, orange, and copper. Initially, as kittens, they are born with blue eyes that transition to their final eye color as they mature.

“After relocating from Sydney to Melbourne, my family and I welcomed Gremlin into our lives. He will be turning 2 in December! His eye color was a surprise to us, as they turned out much brighter than we expected. You can check out his baby pictures on our Instagram page to see how much he has grown. We playfully refer to Gremlin as our son, we adore him immensely,” shared the proud owner of Gremlin with Bored Panda.

Gremlin, now a fully grown feline, simply adores pulling funny faces and keeping his owners company as they go about their days. All he wants is to stick by their side, bringing joy and entertainment with his playful antics.

I make music while my pet Gremlin hangs out with me, providing company as I teach and compose new songs. Similarly, my partner, an indie game developer, has Gremlin by his side in the studio, offering companionship while he works on coding and creating games. Gremlin has been a source of comfort and joy for us during this lockdown in Melbourne, always managing to brighten our days with his presence. Just seeing him enter the room instantly puts a smile on our faces.


The horror yet lovable cat captured the hearts of many enthusiasts. A viewer shared their experience, saying “At first glance, those captivating eyes drew me in. But once I clicked on the image, I felt like I was whisked away to a surreal world where time and space fade into the background.”


One person mentioned envisioning the cat’s eyes gleaming in the darkness, only to reveal this adorable expression once the lights are turned on. It would be both eerie and heartwarming at the same time.

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