“Decade-Long Feline Friendship: Two 10-Year-Old Cats patiently waiting to find their forever home together”

Two feline best friends, both aged 10, have developed a strong connection and are eagerly anticipating finding a forever home where they can live together. They have been patiently waiting for six months for the perfect home to come along.

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Angus and Milo, the cat siblings
By Sarah Sylvester

Milo, the tabby, and Angus, the black cat, found themselves at Nashville Cat Rescue when their owner could no longer take care of them due to health issues. They were a bonded pair since birth and were already 10 years old.

During the car ride to their new foster home, Angus was very chatty while Milo seemed anxious after leaving the only home they had ever known. “I settled the boys in my foster room, provided food and water, and left them alone for the evening to relax,” Sarah Sylvester, a foster for Nashville Cat Rescue, told Love Meow.

In the first couple of weeks, Angus preferred to hide in a small cubbyhole in a cat tree, only coming out briefly for meals and litter box breaks, while Milo started to get used to their new living arrangements.

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Sarah Sylvester had a peaceful moment in the room with the boys, helping them adjust by playing various sounds and tones. She watched as Milo slowly approached her for affection, showing more confidence than his companion. As they developed a friendship, Sarah noticed Milo’s unhealthy symptoms such as a greasy coat, dull eyes, and excessive thirst. She wasted no time in taking him to an animal hospital for proper care.

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After just a week and a series of tests, Milo was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes, leaving Sarah feeling devastated. However, Milo took the news in stride, handling his shots and blood glucose tests with grace and patience, as long as he received kisses afterwards.

Throughout his journey of diet changes, tests, and medical procedures, including a full dental, Milo remained calm, brave, and affectionate. Even sporting his adorable snaggletooth, he always stayed in good spirits.

Milo’s diagnosis of Feline Diabetes has shown improvement over time. Sarah expressed how she couldn’t have asked for a better cat than Milo to navigate the management of diabetes. He has been easy to medicate, radiating like a brand new car, and boasting the best breath in town.

Gradually, Angus started coming out of his shell by observing the world around him. One day, he decided to leave his cozy spot and took a leap of faith to fully embrace his foster mom with all his heart.

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Angus is always by Sarah’s side, following her from room to room and staying close wherever she goes. Sarah describes him as a gentle and timid cat, who loves to cuddle up to her leg and be near her at all times.

Despite their close bond, it wasn’t until a loud storm struck that Sarah noticed the true depth of the connection between Angus and his brother, Sam.

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Angus, the affectionate love-bug, delights in seeking attentiоn and cuddles from his human companions. Sarah Sylvester, while caught in a storm at her office in downtown Nashville, took a moment to check on her camera feed and was touched by what she saw. The image of her two cats huddled together for comfort warmed her heart.

Unlike most cats, who may be territorial about their spaces, the brothers Angus and Milo premer to share everything, from a litter box to a food bowl. Milo, in a display of generosity, will gladly give way to Angus when he wants a taste of his meal. This unspoken bond of care and support between the two felines is a sight to behold.

Sarah observed that Angus and Milo are each other’s rock. Angus offers sоlace and Milo provides strength. Their unbrimgling together as older cats has foctered a deep bond that brings them both confort in times of distress.

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Sarah Sylvester describes Milo as brave and Agus as timid, but both boys equally enjoy attention and affection. Milo particularly loves to be kissed on his belly and will even try to keep your hand close if you stop petting him. On the other hand, Agus is more vocal about his need for affection and enjoys sunbathing by the window with his front paws crossed, his signature pose.

Milo and Agus have a bedtime routine with their foster mom, starting around 7 PM. Despite going to bed later, the boys patiently wait for their mom to settle in before flanking her on each side. Sarah notes that they appreciate the stability of a daily routine and thrive on attention and affection, quickly making friends with visitors. She believes that these boys have a lot of love to share with a special someone.

cat brothers bonded pair

They have an incredible connection
Sarah Sylvester expressed, “It’s been a privilege to accompany them on their journey and I’m excited to see who they choose as their lifelong companion.”

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