Cute kitty captivates social media with tiny legs, amassing a huge following

Despite his small stature, this determined cat is unstoppable in his pursuit of happiness. With legs so short that he barely stands four inches off the ground, this black and white kitten has managed to amass an impressive following of nearly 60,000 on Instagram.

This adorable kitten has almost 60k followers on Instagram

This cute little kitten has a whopping 60,000 followers on Instagram!

The kitty is called Manchester after his owner's favourite football team, Man-U

Meet Manchester, the adorable kitty named after his owner’s beloved football team, Manchester United. Alexander Ushakov, a 36-year-old from Moscow, Russia, decided to name his playful feline companion after his favorite team. Manchester, born on September 15, 2018, has a playful personality and loves running around the house, always keeping Alexander entertained. “I decided to create an Instagram account for him because I knew he was too cute not to share with others,” Alexander shared. And it turns out, Manchester has gained quite a following, with fans from all over the world!

Adorable feline Manchester is always meowing

Cute kitty Manchester is constantly making adorable meowing sounds.

His owner says he loves to play games

According to his owner, he is a big fan of playing games.

Manchester has gained a loyal online following

Manchester has built up a devoted group of online supporters.

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