Crafty Kitties: 15 Mischievous Feline Thieves Who Love Pilfering Treats from Their Humans

“Interesting, this flavor is quite unique… I think I’ll have a bit more.”

Every so often, I give her the opportunity to indulge herself as a way of appreciating and acknowledging her good deeds.

Seems like I’ve stumbled upon a feline paradise, doesn’t it?

Can you believe it? That crook is seriously skilled! I never would have thought she was taking eggs. It’s just mind-blowing!

“Hey, that’s mine!”

1. “Don’t sweat it if you don’t succeed the first time around, just dust yourself off and try again!”
2. “I’m completely enchanted by it. I’m eager to delve in and savor every single moment.”

Credit: _breezyh
#9. Bread has a special way of bringing me comfort and happiness – I just can’t get enough of it!

Credit: Thund3rbolt
#10. The irresistible aroma of something delicious always beckons me to satisfy my craving – it’s like a magnetic pull I can’t resist!

“I am thrilled to have the pleasure of being the proud new owner of this scrumptious canned food” – supercake53

“I am loving every bite of this meal, it’s truly delicious!” praised 5_Frog_Margin.
“The scent of this dish is amazing. Did you make all of this just for me?”

“Hey there, could you pass me the cheese, please?” said lmabee in a note.
“Mom, I’m seriously in the mood for some…”

Picture courtesy of supernoms88
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