Crafting a Purrfect Outdoor Haven for Canadian Bengal Cats, Jake and Juneau – A Feline Paradise (Video)


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Embracing the good life

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4. Absolutely breathtaking
5. Just gaze at that expression!


We just can’t handle this one!

Cat - NIC

Every cat probably dreams of having a built-in outdoor space, like a Catio, at home where they can enjoy the fresh air, climb around, and snack on some leaves. Building a Catio can be time-consuming and requires a lot of space, but one dedicated pet owner managed to create an amazing patio for her Bengal cats to hang out in.

Bengal cats are known for their high energy levels, agility, and need for constant interaction, making them an ideal candidate for a fun outdoor space. Meet Jake and Juneau, two adorable Bengals living their best life in Canada, running around and enjoying their Catio.

We have some screenshots to show you, but don’t miss the video – it’s definitely worth a watch! And if you’re interested, check out these sailor kitties from the past who had their very own passports signed with their pawprints.

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