Could Vegas be the most loyal feline in Britain? His love for his owners is so strong, he leaves a trail of paw prints on their windows as he eagerly awaits their return.

Often labeled as independent and distant, cats typically lead separate lives from their owners. However, Vegas the Bengal cat stands out from the rest as he eagerly awaits the return of his owners, Stuart and Robyn Flynn. His strong attachment to them drives him to leave adorable paw prints on the windows as he anxiously peeks out, longing for their arrival. His affectionate nature and constant yearning for companionship have earned him the endearing title of Britain’s Neediest Pet.

Meet the neediest pet in Britain -  Vegas the Bengal cat who leaves paw prints all over his owners' windows as he peeks out to check if they are on their way home

Introducing Britain’s most demanding pet – Vegas the Bengal cat, known for leaving a trail of paw prints on his owners’ windows as he eagerly waits to see if they’re coming back.

Vegas is so attached to owners Stuart and Robyn Flynn that he pines for them to return home every time they go out, earning him the title of Britain's Neediest Pet

Vegas, a beloved pet of Stuart and Robyn Flynn, is so attached to them that he eagerly awaits their return home each time they step out, earning him the title of Britain’s most clingy pet. A friend captured moments of the five-year-old Vegas wandering around the couple’s home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with him often leaping onto window ledges in the living room, eagerly looking out for his owners. Vegas even goes the extra mile by occasionally peeking out of the bathroom window, using his paw to lift the blinds in order to get a better view of the street.

According to Mr. Flynn, Vegas is overjoyed when either he or his wife Robyn return home, immediately demanding to sit on their lap and be pampered with a brush. Mr. Flynn, who works in the film industry, mentioned that Vegas is always on high alert, climbing up onto windows to catch a glimpse of them coming back. He added that Vegas has mastered the timing and usually knows within a few minutes when they will be home after work.

Describing Vegas as a ‘very chatty’ cat, Mr. Flynn shared that Vegas greets them with meows, as if recounting his day to them when they arrive.

Vegas even occasionally opens the door to the couple's bathroom to peep out of the window - even lifting the blinds with his paw - to get a better view along the street

Vegas sometimes likes to sneak a peek out of the bathroom window, using his paw to lift the blinds for a better view of the street.

A friend of the couple, who are both 33, took photos of five-year-old Vegas prowling around their home Belfast, Northern Ireland, jumping on on window ledges in the living room looking out for the couple to return home

A mutual friend of the pair, aged 33, captured images of their lively five-year-old cat, Vegas, exploring their residence in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The playful feline was seen leaping onto window sills in the living room, eagerly awaiting the return of the couple.

Mr Flynn said Vegas loves it when he or wife Robyn get home - and promptly demands to sit on one of their laps and be brushed

According to Mr. Flynn, Vegas is always eager for attention when he or his wife Robyn come home, immediately jumping onto their laps and asking for a good brushing. Stuart mentioned that Vegas, who is a Bengal cat, is quite talkative and enjoys engaging in conversations while being pampered with a brush and some catnip. The couple adopted Vegas back in 2012 when he was about two years old, after he was found with a broken jaw wandering the streets by local vets. Now, after three years of being a part of their family, they estimate Vegas to be around five years old. Mr. Flynn expressed his joy in Vegas being chosen as the winner, describing him as a well-behaved cat most of the time. In second place was Kay Gregory, who shared a photo of her two dogs, Alsation Harry and labrador Yogi, eagerly waiting for her husband Kyle to return home by standing on their hind legs at the window. She explained that the dogs are aware of Kyle’s arrival time and patiently wait for him after getting a lot of attention from her when she arrives home first.

In second spot was Kay Gregory, 39, from Mablethorpe, Lincs, who sent in a photo of her two dogs, Alsation Harry and labrador Yogi standing on their hind legs waiting for her husband Kyle to return home

Kay Gregory from Mablethorpe, Lincs came in second place with her adorable photo of her two dogs waiting eagerly for her husband Kyle to return home. Her Alsatian Harry and Labrador Yogi stood on their hind legs in anticipation.

In third place was Mandy Mason from Newton Abbot, Devon, who captured a funny moment of her cat Ernie halfway up the net curtain. Mandy shared that Ernie loves to climb the net curtain and eagerly awaits her return home every day, leaving the curtain in tatters.

Nicolas Swift, the Managing Director of Direct Blinds, expressed his joy in seeing the heartwarming photos submitted for the campaign. He mentioned that Stuart’s winning photo brought a smile to their faces and joked that Stuart might need a new blind soon considering the mischief depicted in the photo.

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