Cat’s Incredible Makeover: Rescued Kitty Escapes Octopus-like Tangles with a Shave

Meet Hidey, a cat who earned her name by being a little expert at hiding. This feline had sadly been overlooked and was discovered with a unique type of tangled fur that looked like octopus tentacles.

Hidey was taken to the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center when her elderly owner, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s, had to move to a nursing home. This poor cat, who had been neglected for years, had severely matted fur that was filled with a mixture of feces and tangled hair. Now, the question is: can we find a way to bring happiness back into the life of this sad kitty? Watch the heartwarming story of how this 20-year-old rescue cat finally found a new loving home.

Hidey had accumulated years worth of shed hair in her mat, which had become extremely long at the end. Removing each dread individually took hours, but once the mats were separated, the matted hair was shaved off. According to vet technician Jenn Levitzki, the mats were all mostly separate, making it easier to access the tangled fur.

Hidey was given sedation to ensure her comfort during the procedure. The medical team removed pounds of tangled fur from her body, and now this cat is feeling a lot more comfortable and happy. Just picture having all that matted hair shaved off after years and years!

Caitlin Lasky from the Western PA Humane Society mentioned that Hidey is settling in well at her new residence. With her health improving, there is optimism that she will eventually bond with her new owners. Without the burden of tangled hair and dreadlocks, Hidey is not only feeling much better but also lighter, giving her the opportunity for a brighter and healthier future ahead!

Dan Rossi, the CEO of the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Western PA Humane Society, emphasized the importance of ensuring that friends, family, or neighbors with pets have a support system in place as they age and their mental faculties start to decline. Meet Hidey and her new furry friend:

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