Dog stories

In a harsh and unforgiving world, there was once a dog named Abby who had to scavenge for food just to survive. After being picked up by animal control, it became clear that Abby had lived a difficult life as she was in poor health and estimated to be between 10-12 years old. However, despite […]

  Recently, some photos have gone viral on the Internet. A lone cub sits alone on the moor, staring at a badly worn, skeletonized carcass on the ground. It turned out that the skeleton was a mother cub while she was alive. Netizens were moved and pointed out that “the mother is going to change

It breaks my heart to see this dog stranded at the bus stop for three whole days. I’m not sure if it belonged to someone or was left behind, but it’s hard to fathom how anyone could leave such a loyal and affectionate creature behind. He feels an immense hunger and shivers with cold. The

People who left Magnolia by herself lack empathy. Magnolia, the dog, serves as an inspiration that hope never fades away. It’s not easy to move around with a six-kilogram load on your back. The group of people had no idea what they were in for when they stumbled upon a dog who was completely immobile

At 9 PM on November 1st, I’m on my way to rescue Blackie. According to androdass, he was discovered by a woman who had recently bought a new house. The sight of a person caught her off guard, despite the fact that we had never met before.   The lady stated that the residence had

A charming pooch hailing from Australia has captured the hearts of netizens with his unwavering affection for mud. As a pet parent myself, there’s nothing more delightful than seeing my furry friend frolic around in the backyard. He enjoys running and racing without any leash restrictions, but the thought of him getting covered in mud

The hero of this story is a pit bull who sacrificed herself to protect her owners. Nong Horm, a courageous woman from Pathum Thani in central Thailand, fought off a snake that had entered her family’s garden. Unfortunately, she was unable to survive the venomous bite of the serpent.   Nong Horm, who was almost

Out in a rural community where animals roam free, a fascinating story of courage and endurance captivated spectators. A plucky little pet proved to be a true hero when it alerted others to rescue its mother from the clutches of a huge python. The breathtaking moment was caught on film and demonstrated the unwavering bond

In Lima, Peru, a dog was abandoned at a subway station four years ago. Rescuers gave him the name “Cabezón” and found him strapped to a wheeled machine. Unfortunately, the straps were too tight around his body, leaving him immobile and with his head down. Sara Moran, the mastermind behind Milagros Perrunos, a small sanctuary

The video shows a heart-wrenching scene as a grieving mother dog determinedly uncovers her deceased puppy. Kookie tirelessly digs through the tightly packed earth until she reaches the male pup and pulls it out of its makeshift grave by a leg. In an attempt to revive her precious offspring, she licks and nudges the tiny

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