“Bringing a Splash of Color to Rainy London: Kevin Hart and Gugu Mbatha-Raw Shine at Netflix’s Lift Photocall”

Kevin Hart and Gugu Mbatha-Raw were seen together during a photocall for their new Netflix film Lift in London. The pair looked stylish as they posed for photographers, adding a pop of color to the drizzly backdrop. The film is set to be released on January 12 and follows the story of a group of professional thieves attempting to steal $500 million in gold bars from a plane mid-flight. Gugu, 40, stood out in a stunning lilac power suit, exuding effortless sophistication in her outfit. She paired the tailored blazer with a simple black top and completed the look with black leather boots.

Kevin Hart, 44, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, 40, put on a stylish display as they posed together for Netflix's Lift photocall at the Corinthia Hotel in London on Thursday

Kevin Hart, a 44-year-old comedian, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, a 40-year-old actress, showcased their impeccable fashion sense as they united for a wonderful photo opportunity during the Netflix Lift event held at the luxurious Corinthia Hotel in London.

The duo looked incredibly stylish as they put on a colourful display for photographers, ahead of the release on their latest project on January 12

With a dazzling array of colors, the dynamic pair exuded an effortless elegance, captivating photographers as they prepared to unveil their groundbreaking venture on the 12th of January.

Meanwhile, Kevin, who is 44 years old, chose to wear a jumper with block colors of green, blue, black, and grey, along with black trousers. He looked quite sophisticated, donning trendy sunglasses and smiling beside his co-star for the snapshots. Apart from his acting role in the film Lift, Kevin also took on the responsibility of being one of the film’s producers behind the scenes. Initially, the movie was scheduled to be released in late August but had to be delayed until January due to ongoing strikes by writers and actors at that time. The film also features Vincent D’Onofrio, Ursula Corbero, and Sam Worthington in prominent roles. Discussing the filming process, Kevin mentioned to People magazine, “I believe the cast maintained a consistent and continuous engagement throughout. Our days on set would end with dinners at hotels, where we would come together as a group or separately on different days. This remarkable connection ultimately added immense value to the final outcome we have here.” Additionally, the movie includes Vincent D’Onofrio, Úrsula Corberó, Billy Magnussen, Sam Worthington, and Paul Anderson. Gugu and Kevin have been traveling around the world leading up to the release of Lift. They recently attended the film’s premiere in New York, where Gugu, who plays Abby, exuded effortless elegance in a sleeveless light gray dress, and Kevin, who plays Cyrus, made a stylish entrance on the red carpet at Jazz at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, wearing a double-breasted suit.

Gugu donned an eye-catching lilac power suit, looking effortlessly sophisticated in the two piece, tucking her slightly baggy trousers into black leather boots

Gugu effortlessly exuded sophistication as she gracefully sported a captivating lilac power suit. The two-piece ensemble, complemented by her slightly loose trousers elegantly tucked into sleek black leather boots, created an eye-catching fashion statement.

Kevin opted for a green, blue, black and grey block coloured jumper and black trousers

Kevin chose a stylish jumper in shades of green, blue, black, and grey, paired with sleek black trousers.

The stars lead the heist as part of a crew of thieves who take on a seemingly impossible mission: to steal $500m in gold bars from the cargo hold of an airplane ¿ while it's in the air

In an exhilarating story, a group of skilled thieves, including some prominent stars, embark on a daring escapade. United by a common purpose, they set out on an extraordinary mission that appears to be beyond imagination: looting a staggering $500 million worth of gold bars directly from the cargo hold of a flying airplane.

The movie was initially intended to be released in late August, but it was delayed to January as a result of the then-ongoing writers and actors strikes

Originally scheduled for a late August release, the movie encountered a setback due to the ongoing strikes by writers and actors at the time. Consequently, its release was postponed to January.

Earlier this week, Kevin expressed his support for comedian Jo Koy following criticism of his hosting performance at the Golden Globes. According to Kevin, Jo Koy is an extremely talented and hilarious comedian who has always been such. However, Kevin acknowledges that hosting such a high-profile event can be challenging, and without the necessary experience in navigating such a setting, one can encounter some difficulties. Despite any negative feedback, Kevin firmly believes that Jo Koy will continue to shine and bring laughter to audiences. When asked if he would ever consider hosting a major awards show again, Kevin confidently stated that it holds no value for him at this stage of his career. While he acknowledges the visibility and exposure that come with such an opportunity, Kevin acknowledges that it is not an easy task to undertake.

Gugu and Kevin have been jetting around the world in the run up to Lift's release after they attended the film's premiere in New York on Monday

The comedian hit the red carpet in a stylish double-breasted suit as he arrived at Jazz at Lincoln Center in Manhattan for the premiere

Gugu and Kevin have been traveling extensively across the globe in the days leading up to the release of the movie Lift. Their adventure commenced after they graced the red carpet at the film’s grand premiere in New York City, which took place on Monday.

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