“Bowie’s Spectacular Gaze: A Feline Sensation that Captivates the Web”

Bowie, a stunning feline with heterochromia, has captured the hearts of many on the internet with his unique and striking appearance. This European Shorthair sports one blue eye and one green eye, a rare and beautiful trait that sets him apart from other cats.

Living with his owner Maria Lloret in Spain, Bowie is described as a playful cat who sometimes gets a little too carried away with his energy. Despite his enthusiastic nature, he enjoys interacting with other cats, even if they are not always in the mood to join in his playful antics.

Although Bowie’s namesake, the iconic David Bowie, did not have heterochromia, Maria decided to give her cat this fitting name in hopes that he may one day reveal some hidden musical talents. A dream that fans of Bowie the cat can hold onto as they adore this charming and delightful feline.


Please appreciate some cat tongue.

Hey there, cat lovers! Check out Bowie_the_cat for some adorable toe bean action!

Attention: Toe Beans



Just like any typical feline, Bowie has a real knack for snoozing and chowing down. “There’s not a single type of food he hasn’t devoured,” Maria shared. “Whenever he spots those treats, he’s purring up a storm. And those little toy mice with surprises inside are his absolute favorite. It’s a riot watching him toss them in the air and then pounce to catch them.” The owner recounted to Bored Panda.

Rescued as a stray kitten in a park near Maria’s seaside hometown of Benidorm, Bowie was discovered by a local shelter at just 3 months old. Serendipity brought them together, and now, Bowie fills Maria’s days with his playful antics.

Indeed, every kitty has a playful and silly side waiting to be discovered.

Every cat has a silly side

Every feline parent is familiar with this particular kitty expression

Every cat owner has seen this facial expression


Bowie is the coolest cat around!

“My sister came across an ad seeking a new family for Bowie, and once we met him, we instantly fell in love. Not only was he a stunning cat, but he also had a very affectionate personality, always purring and eager for snuggles. As soon as we brought him home, he chowed down on his food like there was no tomorrow and promptly dozed off in my arms,” Maria shared.

All of Maria’s feline companions are rescues, and she couldn’t be happier to have them in her life. “Adopting animals from shelters instead of purchasing them truly saves lives,” she emphasized. “There are countless animals out there just waiting for a second chance, for a loving family to take them in. We make a point to promote the adoption of black cats, for instance, because we had a black cat named Louis before Bowie, who was initially sickly. With some patience and TLC, he bounced back to become an incredible companion. We miss him dearly.”

Even when he’s clearly not in the best mood, Bowie remains a gorgeous cat.

He's a beautiful cat, even when he's clearly disgruntled.

Let’s play a game of hide and seek!


Maria discussed how cats facing challenges, senior cats, sick cats, and black cats often have a harder time finding homes. Despite this, she believes that they are the most special pets to adopt. Senior cats are calm and won’t cause havoc, sick cats can teach valuable lessons in patience and love, and black cats are believed to bring good luck.

Recently, Maria has received messages from Bowie fans questioning whether the singer actually had heterochromia.


As admirers of Bowie, it was clear to us that naming our cat after him was the right choice. His striking features, with blue and green eyes and unique markings on his nose, perfectly suited the name Bowie.

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Dynamic Duo

This feline is a masterpiece in its own right *wink*

This cat is a work of art *wink*

Do you think this cat’s mlem is timeless and iconic?

Is this a classic cat mlem?

Lovely Pet’s Paws

Pretty Paws

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