Anna Kendrick’s Bikini Game is Always on Point! Check Out the Stunning Swimsuit Shots of the ‘Pitch Perfect’ Star

Anna Kendrick Slays in a Bikini: Photos

Anna Kendrick wearing a bikini (shared from r/AnnAIKendrick) :  r/AnnaKendrickFanArt

Biking Babe

When the Into the Woods cast member took her bike out for a spin, she couldn’t help but stick her tongue out and give a playful wink to the camera. Anna Kendrick, a well-known actress in Hollywood, has established herself in the industry with roles in popular films like Twilight and Pitch Perfect. Fans adore seeing her rocking a bikini at the beach, where she never fails to look stunning. Despite her a capella fame, Anna once shared that she was encouraged to show more skin for her roles, particularly in her performance outfits. In an interview with InStyle back in December 2017, the “Cups” singer mentioned receiving notes to make her wardrobe tighter and sexier, but she believes people enjoy her work for more than just sex appeal. Maintaining a toned physique, Anna keeps up with a diverse workout routine, dabbling in activities like yoga, Pilates, and barre classes, among others. She emphasized the shift in her mindset towards focusing on strength and flexibility rather than just changing her body shape. Ensuring she fuels her body adequately, Anna stressed the importance of having breakfast promptly after waking up, jokingly mentioning her morning hunger. Despite her love for indulgent foods like mac ‘n’ cheese, she believes in moderation when it comes to a balanced diet. Through prioritizing physical capabilities and enjoying her favorite treats, Anna Kendrick’s approach to health and fitness reflects her commitment to a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.

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