A Resilient Feline with Unique Abilities Explores Daily Adventures at Sea with Loving Companions

Meet Happy, the charming Bengal cat whose owners have refused to let her disability hinder her joyous spirit. Happy has been paralyzed since she was just a few hours old due to a spinal injury caused by another cat. Despite this setback, the eight-month-old feline has embraced life with enthusiasm, going on daily adventures with her owners and finding resourceful ways to maintain her mobility and comfort.

Sarah, a warehouse worker, shared: “When my partner and I adopted Happy, we knew she needed a lot of care and attention, but we never expected her to be so resilient.
“We initially thought of getting her a custom wheelchair to help her move around more easily, but she wasn’t really a fan of it.
“So, we decided to improvise a bit by creating a sling out of some materials for her to place her legs in, just to see if that would be more comfortable for her.
“To our surprise, she took to it right away, and it not only helps her but also gives us peace of mind knowing she won’t wander off on her front paws without us noticing.
“She doesn’t find the sling restrictive at all and seems super content when she’s using it.”
The couple enjoys taking Happy on various adventures, whether it’s exploring caves, visiting a nearby lake, shopping, or heading to petting zoos. They mention that Happy particularly loves the beach, so they make sure to bring her there often.

Sarah mentioned that they visit the beach multiple times a week, and when they are not at the beach, they enjoy strolling through the woods or spending time at the local park. Happy, their cat, absolutely adores the beach and delights in sitting and wriggling in the sand.

Sarah also noted that Happy has a fondness for leading them onto challenging terrain and displays a strong pull for such a small creature. As soon as Happy’s feet touch the sand, she immediately starts running towards the sea, showcasing her enthusiasm for the beach. Happy’s unique behavior includes splashing around in the waves, exploring rock pools, and tiny caves, demonstrating her eagerness to squeeze into tight spaces.

One of her favorite activities is leaping through the muck created by the receding tide, transforming the sandy shore into a muddy playground. As a result, she always ends up needing a bath when we return home.

The beach has truly revitalized her spirit. Observing her navigate through various terrains and sands, it is evident how tenacious and liberated she feels in the open space.

Her strength is steadily increasing with each passing day as well.

Sociable Happy has become a bit of a local star, with Sarah mentioning how they often have people stopping them to snap photos with her because of how adorable she is. Sarah recounted a time they took her to a car boot sale and spent hours chatting with people about their beloved feline. Surprisingly, some are taken aback that Happy is a cat and not a dog because of her lively and playful nature. If you have a similar story to share, we’d love to hear it!

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