A Playful Christmas with Perry! Katy Stuns in Fringed Leotard at Jingle Bell Ball

Covered up: Katy Perry started off her performance at the Jingle Bell Ball in London on Saturday evening wearing a fur trimmed coat

Hiding in Style: Katy Perry kicked off her show at the Jingle Bell Ball in London on Saturday night, rocking a fashionable coat adorned with fur.

Phwoar: She stripped off to reveal a sparkly pink leotard beneath which showed off plenty of preview

Wow: She undressed, uncovering a dazzling pink leotard underneath that proudly displayed a generous glimpse.

Stunning: Katy Perry looked elegant in the shimmering blue coat which looked something Mrs Claus would wear

Incredible: Katy Perry exuded sophistication as she gracefully donned a glistening blue ensemble reminiscent of a chic variation on Mrs. Claus’s wardrobe.

Fur trimmed: The coat was particularly festive due to the large white fur trimmed sleeves and collar

Festively adorned with oversized sleeves and a collar featuring beautiful white fur, the coat was truly a sight to behold.

Plunging: Katy's low cut costume showed off her ample cleavage

Plunging: The outfit Katy wore had a daring neckline that accentuated her generous d├ęcolletage.

Old and new: Katy made sure she performed a wide range of her hits from over the years

Katy ensured that she treated her fans to a diverse selection of her greatest hits spanning throughout her career.

Strike a pose: Katy gave her performance her all - kicking off with I Kissed A Girl

Strike a stance: Katy gave it her all during her show, starting off with her iconic hit, I Kissed A Girl.

Shine bright: Katy's leotard also shimmered as she made her way about the stage

Glowing radiantly, Katy’s leotard sparkled and caught the eye of the audience as she gracefully moved across the stage.

Leggy: Katy showed off her very long looking legs as well as her cleavage

Leggy: Katy flaunted her incredibly lengthy and alluring legs, capturing attention with her well-defined cleavage.

Fringe benefits: The fringe detail on Katy's dress worked well as she danced about

Added perks: Katy’s dress was perfectly complemented by the fringe embellishments, adding an extra flair as she twirled on the dance floor.

Future elves: Katy was joined on stage by some futuristic elves as dancers

Katy had the pleasure of being accompanied on stage by a group of avant-garde elves, who served as her remarkable dance ensemble.

Showing her skills: Katy performed with a skipping rope despite wearing heels

Demonstrating her abilities, Katy effortlessly showcased her skipping rope mastery even while sporting high-heeled shoes.

Energetic: Ellie Goulding put on her usual display of energy as she took to the stage

Vibrant: Ellie Goulding exuded her customary burst of liveliness as she graced the stage.

That must be sweaty: Ellie opted to wear a rather tight leather crop top for her performance

How perspiring it must be: Ellie chose to don a snug leather crop top for her show.

Here comes trouble: Olly Murs was joined on stage by Rizzle Kicks

Trouble is on its way: Olly Murs had the company of Rizzle Kicks on stage.

Lets dance: Rizzle Kicks certainly weren't lacking the dance moves during their set

Get ready to groove: Rizzle Kicks definitely didn’t disappoint with their impressive dance skills throughout their performance.

Impressive: Jordan Stephens showed off his gymnastic skills on stage

Impressive: Jordan Stephens wowed the audience with his remarkable gymnastic abilities during his captivating stage performance.

What an opener: Olly Murs was the first act to take to the stage

What a way to kick things off: Olly Murs was the initial performer to grace the stage.

Wrecking Ball: James did a cover of Miley Cyrus's big ballad

Smashing Sphere: James performed his own version of Miley Cyrus’s powerful anthem

Please welcome your hosts: Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon appeared to coordinate their outfits for the occasion

Introducing your charming hosts, Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon, who have undoubtedly synchronized their outfits perfectly for this special event.

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