A Hopeful Stray Dog Chases a Rescue Team, Seeking Salvation and a Glimpse of Hope

In the media, a collection of heartwarming pictures surfaced that depict an endearing scene of a dog playfully trailing behind soldiers during their patrol. These captivating images swiftly spread through various nations like Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, capturing the curiosity of individuals who yearned to uncover the tale concealed within this touching event.

Several internet users have shared their beliefs that the canine in question was an unclaimed, wandering pup that caught the attention of the soldiers amidst their operation and chose to accompany them willingly.

According to a piece of writing from Los Tiempos, the aforementioned photos were captured by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero in Tupiza, Bolivia amidst the quarantine phase. These pictures showcase a military vehicle carrying out patrols in order to enforce adherence to health regulations.

Gorda, the lovable canine companion, is not just a stray aimlessly wandering the streets; she is an integral part of the barracks, cherished by all who reside there. The soldiers of each unit have taken it upon themselves to adopt and care for dogs like Gorda, allowing them to live and train alongside them.

Colonel Luis Pacheco, the esteemed Director of Army Logistics IV Department, disclosed that Gorda holds a special significance as the emblem of their division. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, something remarkable happened. Gorda, driven by her own free will, started accompanying the troops dedicated to battling the pandemic during their routine patrols.

As the soldiers spotted his eagerness to approach, they promptly seized his “sibling” and followed suit. It happened quite unexpectedly, and luckily, a photographer managed to snap a picture of this moment. Right as Gorda leaped into the vehicle, another gray dog hastily dashed over and joined the group. This additional dog is known as Multicam and proudly serves as the beloved mascot for a division.

While conversing, certain modifications were implemented to the picture displaying the two dogs in question. It would be truly delightful if online users could acknowledge the unfathomable cuteness exuded by both dogs, as well as how they have succeeded in spreading joy among individuals amidst these challenging times marked by an epidemic.

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