A Hen’s Foster Care: Three Kittens Raised by a Motherly Bird

It’s common knowledge that animals from different species can form strong bonds and heartwarming friendships, but the stories that unfold never fail to capture our hearts! The special relationship between Kkokko, a vigilant hen, and Eno, a delightful calico cat, is a prime example of this phenomenon. Kkokko took in Eno as a tiny orphaned kitten who wandered into the chicken coop by chance. Now, 8 months later, Kkokko is still looking after not only Eno but also her adorable kittens.

Thanks to the knowledge gained from her time with Eno, Kkokko is excelling at looking after the sweet kittens. It has been three weeks since Eno welcomed her litter, and Kkokko has been a constant presence, nurturing these little bundles of fur. Unsurprisingly, the kittens have taken a liking to her as well, showing their affection towards her.

Thanks to Kkokko’s assistance, Eno has lots of time to enjoy playing on her own as she is still a young cat who needs to have fun every day!

Taking care of the kittens is just one of Kkokko’s duties – she also acts as a protector for the entire cat family against the other hens in the coop. Since Kkokko and the kittens have taken over the laying house, the other hens have been struggling to lay eggs as usual. With Kkokko keeping a watchful eye on the house round the clock, the other hens haven’t been able to do much about the tiny kittens either.

In the end, the owner decides to construct a cozy little house for the cat family within the chicken coop so they can stay close to their beloved caretaker/grandmother Kkokko! Happily, the kittens have quickly adjusted to their new living arrangements, and Eno appears to be quite content with the situation as well.

After Eno’s family moves away, not only do the other hens return to their usual routines, but Kkokko also resumes laying eggs. Isn’t that adorable?

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