A Heartwarming Tale: Owen the Charming Kitten Captivates with Begging Eyes, Seeking Aid

Kitten Clings to the People Who Come for Him After a Week at Shelter, They End Up Saving His Life

A lovable kitten desperately clung to the kindhearted individuals who had come to retrieve him from the shelter, ultimately becoming his saviors after a whole week of temporary residency.

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Meet Owen, the adorable black and white kitten who captured the hearts of everyone at the animal shelter. In dire need of foster care, he arrived at the shelter with a mild upper respiratory infection and was noticeably smaller than other kittens his age.

The shelter staff wasted no time in seeking help for Owen. They sent out a desperate plea, hoping that someone would step forward to provide the care he so desperately needed. However, despite their efforts, a week went by without anyone offering assistance.

Fortunately, Erin, a dedicated foster parent from Wrenn Rescues, stumbled upon Owen’s story. Instantly moved by his plight, she knew that she had to intervene. Determined to make a difference in his life, she worked alongside Mel Lamprey and her rescue organization, Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue, to come to Owen’s rescue.

“He had the most endearing little face that called out to us,” Erin shared with Love Meow. With the help of Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue, they swiftly took action to ensure Owen’s immediate safety and wellbeing.

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Owen, the rescued kitten, expressed his strong aversion to ever being alone again with his constant vocalizations. His endearing and distinctive crunchy meow conveyed his message to his new owners, leaving no doubt about his desire for constant companionship. It was evident from the start that Owen possessed a remarkable and charismatic personality.

kitten ride home

During the journey back, Owen couldn’t contain his excitement and kept expressing his thoughts.
Having reached his destination, Owen immediately immersed himself in play, completely at ease. He discovered great comfort in his human’s lap, nestling and peacefully purring himself into slumber.
All he longed for was a warm cuddle and affection, almost as if he aimed to compensate for the time he had missed out on.

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He transformed into an instant cuddle enthusiast, as described by @catasticalmeows. “Right from the start, he was incredibly affectionate and loving, happily devouring his meals and engaging in playful antics,” Erin recollected. However, the situation took an unexpected turn, as Erin discovered one morning that Owen seemed drained of energy, lacking any appetite, and entirely disinterested in playing. “All he wanted was to nuzzle into the crook of your neck and doze off.”

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The weight of the little one started plummeting at a rapid pace. Considering his miniature size and undernourishment, Erin took it upon herself to feed him through a syringe and provide him with fluids.
To our utmost surprise, when we brought him to the veterinarian, we received the devastating news of panleukopenia. Although he had already received vaccinations at the shelter before we adopted him, it was no guarantee that he wouldn’t contract or be exposed to the disease.

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Despite being smaller than his peers, Owen possessed an unwavering spirit. When they returned home, they carried with them various forms of assistance to aid him in overcoming the obstacle he faced.
Following a few days of receiving fluids, medication, and nourishment through a syringe, Owen’s energy began to rise. Along with the return of his appetite, his powerful voice also made a comeback.

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Owen’s energy levels began to rise, and his hunger resurfaced. He regained his former habit of enthusiastically vocalizing during mealtimes and started taking care of his grooming needs with renewed vigor. Notably, his coat displayed signs of improved health and a glossy shine, while he steadily regained weight and vitality. Erin, sharing the heartwarming update with Love Meow, expressed, “Once he began self-feeding and insisting on food multiple times a day, we could clearly see that he had made a significant recovery.”

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He began to experience significant progress: his weight, which initially dropped from 566g to 485g in just one day, has now started to increase and reached 740g. Owen’s energy has also noticeably improved, and he is once again displaying his playful nature. It’s as if he has springs attached to his feet, as he joyfully bounces around. He absolutely loves his human companions and is looking forward to having a consistent playmate.

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His energy levels revitalized and he resumed engaging in his playful shenanigans once more. Owen possesses a relentless determination when it comes to mischief; even if he is apprehended, it only fuels his desire to continue his antics. Presently, he derives immense joy from outsmarting his playpen and breaking free. It has become a thrilling game for him, resembling the escapades of the infamous gingerbread man. Once liberated, he dashes around the room with unmatched agility, daring anyone to catch him if they can.

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After a long day of play and mischief, Owen finds solace in snuggling up on his foster mom’s embrace, drifting into sleep to the gentle symphony of his purrs. For Owen, there is simply no cozier spot to take a nap than nestled against his beloved humans.
“He never fails to bring joy and captivate anyone lucky enough to encounter him.”

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Owen, a delightful little kitten named by the handle @catasticalmeows, sports a charming white patch adorning his back. As soon as he is given the green light to mingle with his fellow felines, he will be joined by two foster companions. Owen’s progress is remarkable, as he grows stronger and larger with each passing day.

It’s certain that Owen will be a beacon of happiness and a source of immense joy to his fortunate forever family.

sweet kitten owen

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