A Feline Miracle: A Kitty’s Vision Cleared with Oceanic Eyes, Courtesy of His Cat Sibling

A stylish cat in a tuxedo, with a deep and mysterious gaze, began to gain a clearer perspective on things.

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A pair of adorable 3-week-old kittens were recently saved from an animal shelter in hopes of finding a better future. One of them had the most mesmerizing eyes that seemed to hold the secrets of the ocean.

Jamie, a dedicated foster volunteer for Baby Kitten Rescue, welcomed these tiny furballs into her home with love and care. At first, it was believed that the tuxedo kitten was blind, but as days went by, he surprised everyone with his sight.

His sister, a fellow feline, was always by his side, trailing behind him and giving him hugs whenever they napped together.

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Jamie took care of their stomach problems and ensured they were well-fed and comfortable in a spacious nursery filled with nourishment and plenty of love.
Despite being smaller than expected for their age, both kittens showed strong determination to survive. Bamm Bamm (tuxedo) and Pebbles (black) shared an unbreakable bond that saw them constantly looking for each other when not together.

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After a few days of being in their foster care, Jamie noticed something amazing about Bamm. He began to track the movement of items and even tried to snatch or pounce on them.
Shortly after their arrival, Bamm began receiving daily eye drops as an additional precaution to combat infections.

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@thekittensfoster noticed that over the next couple of days, the tuxedo kitten’s eyes showed signs of improvement as he started to detect movement better. There was a wave of excitement among everyone involved in the rescue when they saw how far he had come.
After a specialist examined him, it was determined that Bamm had corneal ulcers, most likely due to an infection he had before his eyes even opened.

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@thekittensfoster shared that he was about to start a new treatment using serum along with his eye drops to improve his vision. This serum was made from the blood of healthy cats with antibodies that could potentially reverse the damage caused by corneal ulcers.

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Meet Bamm Bamm and Pebbles, the dynamic duo that stole our hearts at @thekittensfoster. “When we first took them in, Bamm Bamm was mostly blind. But there has been a remarkable transformation since then,” Jamie revealed. “Now he can see clearly and navigates confidently.”

After a month in foster care, these inseparable siblings were prepared for their next adventure. “They are so bonded and just love attention,” @thekittensfoster shared.

sweet kittens bonded

“Bamm doesn’t need any help at all and is no longer classified as special needs,” Jamie remarked.
“If we hadn’t started treatment immediately, he could have permanently lost his vision. Now he can enjoy seeing the world. It’s truly a blessing.”

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The rescue organization was thrilled when they finally found the perfect home for the kittens they had been caring for. It was a dream come true for Bamm and Pebbles as they met their new family who instantly fell in love with them. With both parents working from home and two human siblings who adored them, it was clear that Bamm and Pebbles had found their forever home.

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“Bamm has great eyesight and doesn’t need any more treatment. The doctor mentioned that the cloudiness in his eyes is congenital, but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all and he can move around just fine.”

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The Joy of Finding Forever Homes for Foster Kittens
Finding the ideal family for our foster kittens brings immense satisfaction. Knowing they will be loved and cared for just as much as we do makes saying goodbye much easier.

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They’ve found a forever home together at @thekittenfoster.

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