“A feline fairy tale: A heartwarming story of a cat embracing a mini-me kitten with pure love and devotion.”

When Jesse Ryan brought home Minnie, the ginger kitten, Evin, the older cat, decided to take him under his wing. Since their first meeting, the two have become inseparable, with Minnie following Evin around like a shadow, only smaller and ginger. Despite Minnie’s clinginess, Evin seems to enjoy having a mini version of himself by his side. Jessica Ryan, their owner, mentioned that Evin and Minnie bonded instantly, engaging in constant wrestling, playtime, and snuggling. They even help each other clean up after meals. The dynamic duo also loves to play pranks on their older, grouchy housemate, Tunie. As time passes, Minnie is growing rapidly and will soon outgrow his mini stature, perhaps looking for a mini-me of his own. Watch out, Tunie!

…But to make him a part of our family!

Minnie crossed paths with Evin the day their owner brought the little kitten home.

Jessica Ryan shared with Bored Panda that the dairy farm where her boyfriend works is home to a group of orange/red cats that bear a striking resemblance to each other.

One of the cats recently had kittens, and when her partner laid eyes on Minnie, he couldn’t resist bringing him home for Evin.

Jessica remarked, “Evin and Minnie really clicked as soon as they met!”

I believe it was mainly because Minnie depended on Evin so much that he felt like he had no other option!

Jessica believes that Minnie formed a connection with Evin because he appeared to be familiar to her.

Evin and Minnie are such look-alikes that Minnie has essentially become Evin’s miniature doppelganger!

“They are constantly roughhousing, having fun, and cuddling”

“They also groom each other once they finish eating. Their bond is that of inseparable best friends.”

“We believe that Minnie originally came from Evin’s sister’s litter, so technically they are related as uncle and nephew!”

We also have an older grey cat named Tunie who tends to be a bit grouchy. The other cats in the house love to bother her.

“They constantly pursue her and playfully tap her rear as she passes by”

That could be the reason why Tunie is not present in any of these photos!

Evin and Minnie are practically inseparable, hardly ever spotted apart from one another.

Eating and sleeping are like a dynamic duo, always side by side.

“Evin and his little mini-me are absolutely delightful. Their presence fills our home with so much happiness.”

“We’ve made sure to round up all the other cats on the farm and get them spayed or neutered to prevent any more kittens from being born.”

Minnie is getting bigger by the day, and before we know it, he’ll be in search of his own little sidekick, a Mini-Me!

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