A Compassionate Soul: Rescuing a Stray Cat and Her Vulnerable Kittens

Cat Walking Around Lost, Finds Kind Person to Let Her In, So Her Kittens Can Have Better Life

While wandering around, a stray cat stumbled upon a kind individual who welcomed her in, providing a safe haven for her kittens to thrive and lead a better life.

cat hugs kittens

Willow, a cat with her kittens
The Little But Mighty Kitten Rescue
A kind-hearted individual noticed a cat wandering around without a home and decided to help find her family. Despite asking around, posting on social media, and waiting for a response, no one came forward to claim her (and she was not microchipped either).
The person who found her noticed that the cat’s belly was getting bigger and suspected that she was pregnant. Mellissa, the founder of The Little But Mighty Kitten Rescue, came across the plea for help and immediately took action.
“I reached out and offered to take her in knowing that she was likely pregnant based on her belly,” Mellissa shared with Love Meow.

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She was discovered wandering outside Tiny But Mighty Kitty Rescue. The cat named Willow was thrilled to have a cozy spot to curl up in, delicious food to enjoy, and plenty of toys to keep her entertained. She immediately made herself at home, staking claim to every blanket and soft item she could find.

“Right from the moment she arrived, she was incredibly friendly, so I suspected she must have had a family before.”

pregnant cat willow

A Small yet Mighty Kitten Rescue
Unbeknownst to them, Willow found her safe haven just in the nick of time. A couple of weeks later, she had a seizure and was rushed to the emergency vet. Thanks to prompt medical care and a second opinion, Willow was put on medication safe for the kittens and has been seizure-free since.
Melissa felt immense relief knowing that she was able to rescue the cat just in time. “Willow and her babies wouldn’t have survived if she was still outside. I’m incredibly thankful that she ended up in my care when she did,” Melissa shared with Love Meow.

cat nursing kittens

Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue
Willow was a bit tardy in delivering her adorable kittens, waiting past her expected due date of August 1st. Mellissa stood by her side the entire time, but when the labor hit a roadblock and no more kittens seemed to be on the way, she wasted no time in rushing the cat mom to get emergency help.
After seeing two fairly big kittens that were struggling to come out, they agreed that a C-section was the best and safest option for Willow.

cat mom cuddles kitten

Willow is a fantastic mother to her litter of kittens at Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue. She handled the entire process, including being spayed, with grace. Afterward, her appetite returned with a vengeance, and she immediately jumped into her motherly duties without hesitation.
She ensures her kittens are clean and well-fed, cuddling up to them and purring them to sleep.

sleeping kittens cat

Small yet powerful Kitten Rescue
The kittens are thriving and reaching important milestones. They are learning to stand on their own feet and trying to find their balance.
Mellissa has been Willow’s right-hand woman, making sure all the kittens are happy and doing well.

cat tiny kitten

The Little But Mighty Kitten Rescue
When one of the kittens (a tortoiseshell) unexpectedly fell ill, Mellissa stayed up all night providing intensive care and a constant heat source to nurse the baby back to health.
“Her ‘tortitude’ is strong and she’s absolutely determined to survive. She’s gaining weight every day. She’s incredibly lively, attentive, and vocal,” Mellissa told Love Meow.

tortie kitten cat

Small But Strong Kitten Rescue
The kittens are now two weeks old and becoming more lively and inquisitive. Willow beams with pride as she observes them clumsily wandering around the nest, attempting to perfect their little walks.

tiny tabby kitten

The Tiny but Powerful Kitten Rescue
“This little lady is just one pound at only two weeks old. That’s the usual weight of a kitten who is four weeks old.”

calico kitten cat

The Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue is a heartwarming tale of a family of five, their room filled with constant purrs, and Willow feeling immense joy knowing that they are all safe and cherished.

cat snuggling kittens

Small yet powerful Kitty Rescue

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